Who had the hottest update this week?

Randy Blue had a condom scene [gallery] with former Dylan Lucas Justin Owen and former Sean Cody Jarek aka Jarec Wentworth.

Hottest_update_randyblue_01 Hottest_update_randyblue_02

Falcon Studios had a condom flip fuck scene [gallery] with Sean Zevran, a former RB model, and Adam Ramzi.

  Hottest_update_falconstudios_seanzevran Hottest_update_falconstudios_seanzevran02

Sketchy Sex had a bareback scene where the guy (?) was fucked by men, waiting in line. One of the guys in the scene, Dakota Wolfe, talked about testing on twitter and in an interview with Str8UpGayPorn.


Cocky Boys had well known porn stars Colby Keller and Pierre Fitch in a condom scene [gallery].


Eric Videos had a bareback scene with Antonio Biaggi and Cuty Luiss.


Next Door Twink released its first bareback scene [gallery] with Trent Ferris, Trevor Spade, and Sam Truitt. All three guys already did bareback for other studios.


Helix Studios had a condom scene [gallery] with Connor Maguire and Sasha Peterson.


Corbin Fisher had a bareback scene with Colt and Kent.


Sean Cody had a bareback scene with David and Tanner.


Belami Online had a bareback scene with Jack Harrer and Marel Gassion. I know Jack Harrer is in a relationship with a woman.


Staxus had a bareback scene with Max Walker and Mike James.


Big Daddy had a bareback scene with Greg and Marty.


UK Hot Jocks had a condom scene with Jace Tyler and Kayden Grey.


Tim Tales had a condom scene with the owner of the site, Tim, and Diego Lauzen. Both guys are in a relationship with a fellow porn star.


MEN had a condom scene with Christian Wilde and Johnny Rapid, both guys are in a relationship with a woman.


Pegasus Studios had a condom scene with Diego Thompson (aka Rodrigo) and Leo Sweetwood.


25 thoughts on “Who had the hottest update this week?

  1. Obviously,..I voted for “CF” due to Kent being one of my favorite CF-Stud….and “RB” came in as a close Second,..thanks of Justin Owen. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thanks DENZ, for your weekly “Who’s The Best” update. πŸ™‚

  2. A guy on “Sketchy Sex” whines at the inference he might be having sketchy sex? Clearly neither the cast nor the viewers has any sense of irony.

  3. 100% Justin Owen at Randy Blue. Don’t usually care for this site, but this guy Justin is a big win!

  4. WOW a tough choice this week. . .but I have to go with Falcon’s Adam & Sean Flip-Fuck, but a VERY close second is the RB scene with Jarec and Justin.

  5. Re Sketchy Sex and testing: On Str8UpGayPorn blog the model Dakota Wolfe says: “all the models are tested for all the STDs a week in advance, before shooting. Also, we’re allowed to ask to see models’ test results”. A WEEK in advance? What if a model had sex with a non-tested guy or woman THREE days ago? Seems that this kind of testing is giving models a false sense of security.

  6. the scene at timtales with tim and diego is not bareback. tim never barebacks. and diego barebacks just with his boy friend wagner. πŸ˜‰

  7. CF has been in a notorious slump lately, but there have been a few bright spots – this being one of them. It’d be hard to outdo Kent & Colt.

  8. Wait, nobody enjoyed Falcon scene? Adam and Sean were hot enough to make me cum twice…

  9. Corbin Fisher introduced Cordell…that blew away everyone for me. Hotness personified.

  10. Gotta go with RB. Anytime I get to watch Jarek of SC ( Jarec Wentworth) fuck a hot bottom, I’m lovin it. One of my favorite scenes of all times is Jarec fucking, the oh so wanting it, Charlie of SC. Watching Jarec fuck a guy is watching a master at work. Perhaps Jess of SC is his only rival for best top man.

  11. Johnny rapid and Christian. Hands down best scene of johnny’s career. I can do a review if u want….

  12. +1 – their chemistry and passion was off the charts, and I’m always down for a flip between two hot muscle-dudes!

  13. That site was OK in the beginning, but going by the last 4 or 5 scenes they’ve put out, it should be called “Sloppy Shit” (both a reference to the toilet scene and the camerawork/editing.)

  14. For me, I gotta give it to David & Tanner at SC. Their flip-flop was so good I wished I could’ve gotten in the middle of it. CF’s Colt & Kent are a solid second – their bods in motion make my mouth water something fierce. Then I gotta go with RB’s Jarec & Justin, which really surprised me – Justin’s usually too boyish for me, but the chemistry between those two was incredible. Really loved watching RB alum Sean Zevran, but Adam Ramzi not so much. That’s my penny’s worth.

  15. I agree about CF being in a slump and with Kent return is a bright spot. Wtf is going on with CF? Very sad about how they lost their way.

  16. The departure of a few key people might have something to do with their downward spiral.

  17. This was a good week in porn–collective,y one of the best in some time.
    I love Colby Keller, so he usually can win a scene for me, but Pierre is so over-the-top annoying and ridiculous, that it fails to hit the mark.
    Colt might be the bottom who saves CF. He is outstanding and absolutely adorable. I’ve always been so attracted to Kent, still am, but he’s really not that great of a top–sadly.
    Justin and Jurek win my vote. Awesome chemistry and two of the best performers in porn.

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