Who had the hottest update this week?

Sean Cody had a bareback flip fuck with Tanner and Duke, who already did scenes with and without condoms for other porn studios.

Hottestupdate_seancody_duke_01 Hottestupdate_seancody_duke_02

Chaos Men had a bareback scene with Cooper Reed (aka William) and Kellan.


Broke Straight Boys had a condom scene with Sergio Valen and Vadim Black, who is now working with Dallas Reeves.


Belami Online had a bareback scene with still the top Jim Kerouac and Andrei Karenin.


Randy Blue had a condom flip fuck scene with Jay Landford & Patrick Dunne.

Hottestupdate_randyblue_flipfuck_01 Hottestupdate_randyblue_flipfuck_02

Lucas Entertainment had a flip fuck bareback with Joseph Rough and David Lambert.


Men At Play had a condom scene with Leo Dominico and Toby Dutch.


Cocksure Men had a bareback scene with Grek Baldwin and Marty Loket.


MEN had a condom scene with Tom Faulk and Jaxton Wheeler (aka Valentino).


Cocky Boys had a condom scene with Gabriel Clark and David Corey.


Corbin Fisher had a bareback threesome with Tom, Jacob and Ellis.


Raging Stallion had a condom threesome with  Shawn Wolfe, Landon Conrad, and Adam Ramzi.


Badpuppy had a condom scene with Milan Neoral and Peter Filo.


Tim Tales had a condom scene with the porn site owner and Bruno Boni.


Mormon Boyz had a bareback scene with Elder Kensington and Bishop Angus.


31 thoughts on “Who had the hottest update this week?

  1. Duke is so hot now, and he’s openly gay. I hope SC won’t kick him out, because they are well known homophobes.

  2. Tanner is awesome. I don’t think they are Homophobes…They are just trying to protect their product which is makes their customer ( you and I ) buy into the illusion that these men ae Hetrosexual but love every minute of having intminate sex with other men.
    The irony is it really makes no difference as its all about the money regardless of who you prefer to sleep with…so the word homophobe is inappropriate

  3. I watched the SC video. Duke is hot and he and Tanner did all kinds of naughty things. But Duke is too full of himself, and even seemed to put Tanner off at times. My favorite of the week was Layton serviced by Shiloh (Chaosmen).

  4. I have to agree that SC-Tanner/Duke scene was “HOT” but is a Runner-Up…to CF-Ellis taking a Double-Entry from Tom and Jacob.
    I vote for those who’s brave enough to take a real ASS-Stretch and a Super OUCH!!,..and therefore Corbin’s ACM gets my vote. — “BIG SMILES”.

  5. Tanner is not my fav, particularly as a top but I’m still gonna have to go with the SC update just because of Duke. He is hot as hell! God I want him!
    CF 3way is a song second.

  6. #1 Tanner and Duke of SC. Duke’s rocket launched cum shot while being fucked by the beautiful muscular Tanner was AWESOME! #2 Cockyboys: Any scene with Gabriel Clark IS a contender. #3 CF and the studly Tom.

  7. I vote Cockyboys because of Gabriel is sexy as hell and seems like he truly enjoys sex. I thought the SC and CF updates were uneven and lacked real chemistry between the models.

  8. Two of my favorite bel ami boys in one scene.. I can’t even begin to describe how hot that is. I also love Vadim Black and Navy Boy though.

  9. I love Patrick Dunne, but I don’t like his co-star in this update. I have always loved Patrick’s chest and nipples. I wish he didn’t shave though.

  10. Patrick Dunne and his scorching hot looks and nips shoulda took the cake, but hottest was probably the SC scene althiugh I agree with most of the commenters here on that scene.
    I wanted the CF DP scene to be hot but it was sadly completely robotic…no feelings, no emotions, going through the motions. It was like watching toasters have sex! Shame because I really like Ellis and Jacob and Tom have never looked hotter. How much you wanna bet this the end of Ellis. Once a g4p gets two dicks in him, it heralds a ‘copperfield’…aka took the money and disappeared.

  11. Answer: NONE were very good this week. Here’s hoping next week is much better.

  12. Tie between SC, which was exceptional in its chemistry–almost made Tanner a bonafide gay man (Duke is) and Chaos because Cooper, who used to be William at SC and says he’s straight, eats a load in this one better than anyone has except for Shiloh and Ransom on the site. His partner is a dud.

  13. Chaos Men def had the best update this week. Seeing Kellen bottom was awesome!

  14. Why? To see Johnny do what he’s done in at least 100 other videos…bottom and make “Oh it hurts so bad” facial expressions. No thanks.

  15. That RB scene…the one with those nipples! They should be sucked the whole time!

  16. idk where you got any of that duke is more shy if anything just making full use of his assets. Tanner is a horrible performer any way so it was a wasted scene.

  17. Duke is too full of himself? I think you meant to type in Tanner’s name because that is who is too full of himself.

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