Who had the hottest update this week?

Lucas Entertainment had a 9 man bareback orgy with Adam Killian, Fostter Riviera, Ivan Gregory, Lars Svenson, Logan Moore, Marco Milan,  Marco Sessions, Tomas Brand and Valentino Medici.


Randy Blue had a condom scene [gallery] with Justin Owen and Zane Porter (aka Lucas).


Cocky Boys had a condom scene [gallery] with Tayte Hanson and Joey Lafontaine.

Hottestupdate_taytehanson_cockyboys_01 Hottestupdate_taytehanson_cockyboys_02

Naked Sword had a condom scene [gallery] with Joseph Rough and Colby Keller.


Belami Online had a bareback threesome scene with Sascha Chaykin, Vadim Farrell, Paul Mekas.


Fraternity X had a bareback scene titled “Shut Up and Take It!“.


Corbin Fisher had a bareback scene with Alec (aka Elder Miller) and Quinn.


Sean Cody had a bareback scene [info] with David and Dusty.


Chaos Men had a serviced video [info] with Jonas and Corban.


College Dudes had a condom scene with known porn star, Bobby Clark, and Sam Northman.


Next Door World had a bonus condom scene with retired porn star Parker London and James Jamesson.


Extra Big Dicks had a condom scene [gallery] with Jacques LaVere and Doug Acre.


MEN had a threesome condom scene with Dan Broughton, McKensie Cross, and Paul Walker.


William Higgins had part 2 of their condom wank party with Vlado Tomek, Ondra Matej, Steve Peryoux, Filip Cerny and Peter Filo.


Next Door Buddies had a condom scene with Brandon Bronco (aka Chaz) and Anthony Verruso.


Dominic Ford had a massage fuck with Damien Crosse & Logan Vaughn.


26 thoughts on “Who had the hottest update this week?

  1. Seriously, but none of the above. I subscribe to a number of these sites and nothing seemed to appeal to me this week. Yawn!

  2. It’s a real “Flip-of-the-Coin”…between RandyBlue and SeanCody….and CF came in Third.
    OK: Coin Flipped,.. >> Sean Cody > WON! 🙂 🙂

  3. I’d never heard of Justin Owen until he appeared on Randy Blue. I didn’t care for him much until his scene with Jarec. O. M. G. That little fucker is gooood!

  4. agreed, Joseph Rough is sooooooooo hot as well, but it was a close finish with David & Dusty and Adam Killian’s gangbang right behind.

  5. As usual, lots of great choices. #1: RB because of the sultry, seductive and Oh so sexy Justin. #2 SC: The beautiful Dusty giving it up to David. #3: Cocky Boys sexy Tayte plowing the beautiful bottom Joey.

  6. None of these updates do it for me. I like manly and attractive bottoms and most of the bottoms this week were twinks, effeminate and/or average looking. Just awful.

  7. Many interesting alternatives. But for me Justin Owen (Randy Blue) and newcomer Dusty (Sean Cody) were the best!! Justin Owen is a power-bottom and super cute. Dusty is a really good bottom, and the scene was one of the best at SC for a long time.
    Alec (Corbin Fisher) is also very good looking and has bottomed quite well at Mormonboyz. Hope to see him bottom at CF.

  8. Justin Owen started at Dylan Lucas. Justin is becoming a very big favourite for me. Nearly as big as Mick from your state.

  9. I’m glad to see an update with Brandon Bronco! Is he back or is this an old scene?

  10. I don’t mind Lucas going deeply in bareback world… but I can’t feel anything about the use (and abuse) of fake cum… Looks like cows “giving milk”… =/

  11. I’m really surprised (probably shouldn’t be) at the popularity of Fraternity X and its sister site Sketchy Sex (–> its scene “Fill Dumster –>Exit” is I think the most pirated scene of the last 3 months). What does that say about the state of the gay community?

  12. ….I figure that it pretty much indicates that a lot of people (admittedly or not) are more interested in rough, raunchy, sketchy bareback porn. Really it’s not different with watchers, or shall we says “downloaders”, of straight porn.

  13. Colby looks ridiculous with the long hair!
    The last one, featuring a guy being “molested”….I hope he gets molested a lot and all over his body!!!!

  14. These need the poll widget insert, with the NONE OF THE ABOVE clearly marked for selection….

  15. That gay community prefers hot wild gay sex to straight-worshipping of CF and SC

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