With or without facial hair for Duncan of SC

This was Duncan when he was introduced by Sean Cody.

Thennow_duncan_seancody_01 Thennow_duncan_seancody_02

In his first three scenes, he did not have facial hair.

Thennow_duncan_seancody_03 Thennow_duncan_seancody_04 

He finally showed his facial hair in his latest scene released this week, where he had a flip fuck with Dean.

Thennow_duncan_seancody_06 Thennow_duncan_seancody_07 

With or without facial hair?

Thennow_duncan_seancody_09 Thennow_duncan_seancody_10

13 thoughts on “With or without facial hair for Duncan of SC

  1. Not in love with the facial hair, but love a man with an unshaved chest. Does him well too, because it helps cover some of those ridiculous tattoos.

  2. I’m usually not a fan of facial hair, but that “scruff” look looks good on him. Now if he could just get rid of the rosary tattoo. It reminds me of the nuns I had in grade school.

  3. Rosary tattoo? Is that what that is? Geez, with that and the Hebrew, is he a Catholic Jew? I had no idea there was such a thing.

  4. grr..for some reason typepad won’t let me sign in with twitter….anyway.
    I think he looks good with the scruff.

  5. Typepad is currently having problems. The blog was offline for hours. Expect glitches along the way. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon.

  6. The scruff is fine but I think he looks better when he lets the hair on his head grow out a little.

  7. When it comes to religious and other ancient myths, the meaning of the tattoos is really known only to the individuals who get themselves branded with such symbols.

  8. Facial hair. Definitely with the facial hair. He was cute before but he totally became noticeable with the facial hair.

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