14 thoughts on “A Five-Way Friends from Gay Hoopla with former Fratmen

  1. Would’ve been a lot hotter if they muted all the farting by the bottoms. Ruined the scene.

  2. Yet, another terrible scene from Gay Hoopla, limp cocks, passionless sex, and bad camera angles. The guys have nice bodies but that is it. This site is worthless.

  3. Most of them are gorgeous. Most of them are babes!
    It looks like they’re having a sex buffet!
    Cole Money(I always thought he was Cole MOOney) has the face of an angel when he started out at Fratmen.

  4. Will GayHoopla just die already?
    Meanwhile I can just tell this is a shitty video from the preview…..also I love that comment about the farting from the bottoms!!!! Queefs or actual farts?

  5. Phillip/Marco has been at CF for some time now, so he must be done there or working for both.

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