With & without condoms for Antonio Paul

For his bareback scene, the latest update this week at Jason Sparks is the second bareback scene [gallery 01 & 02] of Antonio Paul [twitter].

Antonio_paul_aka_jeffrey_jordan_jasonsparks_01 Antonio_paul_aka_jeffrey_jordan_jasonsparks_0b 

For his condom scene, he was paired with Jeffrey Jordan [gallery] at Gay Room, released last month.


Also released last month, he played the caster [gallery]  in Justin Beal's scene at Gay Castings.


On twitter, via DM, Antonio Paul said he is not exclusive to any porn studio.

6 thoughts on “With & without condoms for Antonio Paul

  1. I hate it when they pair a guy that I am into or could be into with a guy i’m repulsed by. Those bottoms… gross

  2. His name is Antonio Paul over at Gay Room too, actually. Jeffrey Jordan is the name of the other guy. Jeffrey Jordan (the bottom in the Gay Room scene) has a scene at Gay Castings and Antonio Paul is the top in Justin Beal’s Gay Casting scene.

  3. Someone needs to talk to him about his hair tho….OMG…looks like a dead animal or something up there! Eeep

  4. Awwwww….enough on his hair. I actually think he kinda looks sexy Euro!
    Maybe he should use that spray on hair stuff just to fill it in.

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