Boxer aka Dixon of Military Classified aka James Dickson (tip @ Alfred)

Last December 2013, I did a post on Boxer aka Dixon. As Dixon at Military Classified, he did more than a solo. He was introduced last November 2013 and his last scene was released last April 2014.






He is now known as James Dickson, labelled versatile top. He is one of the 10 porn stars debuting this month at MEN.




He also had a scene released last April by Gay Room (via Gay Creeps), where he was paired with James Hamilton.



Tomorrow, his scene as a bottom (his first?) to Tom Faulk will be released by MEN.


8 thoughts on “Boxer aka Dixon of Military Classified aka James Dickson (tip @ Alfred)

  1. The pictures with Johnny Rapid look hot. That pic of Johnny on his back on the black couch, his legs spread wide getting fucked is an instant boner maker for me. With all his short comings, like no kissing, no real intimacy with his scene partners, he still turns me the fuck on.

  2. He will be getting fucked later this month on as well. So he was not so straight with Johnny.

  3. Oh my gosh, this poor guy lost half his leg in a motorcycle accident.
    He happened to be evading the police at the time, but he appeared this week on MC for a scene and doesn’t seem to be looking for pity.

  4. On the one hand, this model is not so smart trying to evade the police. He’s probably lucky to be alive. On the other hand, kudos to him for owning his situation and continuing with a porn career, if that is what he wants. He seems to tick the boxes for a good porn model so this is at the most a small distraction. I’ll be looking for his Men scene this week.

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