Byron of Chaos Men, with kids and a pregnant wife

Byron was introduced by Chaos Men last March 2014. It mentioned he had kids and a pregnant wife, who approved his work in gay porn.

Byron_kids_pregnantwife_chaosmen_01 Byron_kids_pregnantwife_chaosmen_02

For his first oral scene, he was watching porn while getting his cock sucked.


For his first scene, as a top and a bottom, it mentioned the wife's huge baby bump.

Byron_kids_pregnantwife_chaosmen_04 Byron_kids_pregnantwife_chaosmen_06 
Byron_kids_pregnantwife_chaosmen_05 Byron_kids_pregnantwife_chaosmen_07 

Time to masturbate! 🙂

I am guessing these type of information shared by Bryan turns on the str8 fantasy of some fans of Chaos Men.

31 thoughts on “Byron of Chaos Men, with kids and a pregnant wife

  1. that poor wife. if his fool is doing gay porn, no way he can support her or his children.

  2. What a moron. Do he really think his children are going to grow up and not see him getting banged by some big dicked stud.

  3. Would you feel better if he were married to a guy? Man. When did gay porn watchers turn into such judgmental church folk?

  4. I always wonder what happens when the father in law finds out his son in law bottoms for cash.
    I would pay good money to watch that conversation.

  5. and turn off to many as well. I wouldn’t accept a married gay man in porn if he had kids. Kids is where the line is drawn!

  6. It’s a bit tacky, that’s all I’ll say…I mean, what is his wife thinking? She’s heavily pregnant and her husband is getting his hole wrecked bareback by some guy…

  7. I just keep thinking of that VH1 show where Reese Rideout and his wife were on, and he was all giggly and happy talking about how supportive she was, while she sat next to him looking about as miserable as a dry turd. It was so obvious that she hated every aspect of it but she didn’t want to let him go. When I see Bryan’s writeups about how these guys have girlfriends or wives or how they’re actually skeeved out about being with a dude (and yes- he actually wrote that) it doesn’t turn me on, it makes me vomit.

  8. He did not look at Glenn once during the entire video and had a sullen expression on his face throughout it. It was another terrible scene, in a long stretch of terrible scenes, that CM has put out lately. It seems Bryan will put anyone in front of the camera these days and write some long winded summary mentioning how straight the models are 2 or 3 times thinking that is enough to draw interest. It’s pathetic. He seems more concerned with the models heterosexuality than he does with their looks or performance. He appears desperate and he is doing every thing wrong.

  9. He’s so old, he still live in the era when being gay was a crime. This is not hot.

  10. Michael B, I agree! I did not renew my subscription to Chaosmen for this very reason. Also, here’s a message to Bryan if you’re reading this: WHO CARES ABOUT THE MODELS’ BACKSTORY! Whether a model is gay or bisexual (and please don’t insult us and call them “straight”), what makes this paying customer come back for more is great product. Which is something that Chaosmen is not producing at this point, and has not been producing for some time.

  11. Call me a crazy, issue-laden faygo….but this cat with his big head and sexy geek-boy charm…just got HOTTER after I read the backstory.
    That said: I know I LOVE hearing about the performers’ past and such (see that post on Mac from Sean Cody) but really? Does the backstory matter? He’s HOT!
    And guys: Bry is honest in his backstory…which is more than we can say about 97% of the rest of the porn sites (HELL….Sean Cody stopped writing their fake ass bios and descriptions!). The cat was NERVOUS about getting fucked for the first time.

  12. Welcome to the internet, James. Please remove and recycle your rose colored glasses in the receptacles in the lobby.

  13. I too hate this whole “he’s straight” storyline prevalent in porn–but I’m a millennial and came out years ago at 17. My guess is most of the people pirating porn are younger gay people and therefore aren’t the main customer base–it’s the 40 plus crew, many of who did not have the easy luxury of coming out at 17 and sometimes still find porn like this appealing. Just my guess.

  14. Rose colored glasses? So noticing that too many times dudes who groove to gay porn come off as church scolds is to wear rose-colored glasses? Please!

  15. I felt so awkward after that episode aired. The girls in my office were talking about it and I stayed out of the conversation because I didn’t want to pretend like I had no clue who they were talking about. The girls in my office were talking so much shit about Reese and I couldn’t mention yeah I jack off to that dude all the time. Surreal moment.
    One thing I’ve noticed is straight woman can be really homophobic. You know usually men get blamed for establishing offensive paradigms towards women or towards gay men…but damn if straight women don’t contribute to making gays feel like shit too.

  16. I applaud the fact that his wife, like Johnny Rapid’s girlfriend, knows. So few bi men are out to their partners. Maybe when the kids get older it will no longer be such a big deal to do porn. At least he is supporting his kids, which many father’s don’t.

  17. What bullshit. If you honestly believe Bryan is telling the truth in those write ups then you should realize this guy is use to getting nailed by his gf with a strap on. So, why the hell would he be nervous about getting fucked for the “first” time? According to Bryan he’s a pro.
    Bryan should follow Sean Cody’s lead and drop the write ups. They’re an embarrassment and make him look like a fool.

  18. Call the guy gay for pay but at least he is making an honest and legal leaving instead of stealing or committing crime. Just enjoy and relax. If you don’t like it them don’t watch it.

  19. True! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “He’s so hot, too bad he’s gay.” Finally I started saying, “Why don’t you wish that you were a dude?”

  20. To me hearing that just makes me think how pathetic that he did not go get a real job that has health insurance and steady pay rather than doing gay porn. He could do construction many of those jobs are union and then have medical insurance for when wifey pops that kid out.

  21. I’m 41 and I am so tired of the straight guy thing in gay porn too. But my first time was with a guy who is straight now. I find that allot of other guys have had a similar experience thier first time with with a neighbor or friend who is now straight so maybe it plays into that for some. To me it just annoys me because it perpetuates the hiring of the gay4pay guys who often end up not being gay friendly. And there are plenty of gay porn stars out there who need the work instead.

  22. He’s not straight, just a self-hating bisexual who chose to supress his homosexual feelings.

  23. There are many STR8 men that turn to cock during their wife’s “confinement” and they’re doing it to get off not for money.

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