27 thoughts on “Elder Harward outside the confines of Mormon Boyz (tip @ Deran)

  1. I’m gay, I’m a porn addict, and I was Mormon for 19 years. All things considered, I find the very premise of Mormon Boyz utterly revolting. Use of the sacred in porn is pathetic, whether it’s sacred to me or not. I’m not Catholic and will never be Catholic, but crucifixes, priest collars, etc. have no more place in porn than do Mormon temple garments or the Book of Mormon. I realize porn is a very base product, but just how disgusting does porn need to get? The people behind Mormon Boyz owe the Mormon Church and Mormons in general a major apology for what they do.

  2. Mormons terrorized gays for so many years, they supported anti-gay hate around the world and donated millions to pass the disgusting Proposition 8! If anyone should apologize, it’s them and not an owner of this site who mocks their stone age hate and bigotry and at the same time makes great and high-quality porn!

  3. I agree with Utah. The entire genre of using religion in porn is just odd, strange and offensive. In light of the pedophilia scandals I can’t watch these “theme” fetish set ups, which is a shame because there are some hot guys on Mormonboyz; but I can not get past the implied pedophilia or religion as rape, or what ever else is going on between the “elders” and those initiates.

  4. All these guys are of legal age. What pedophilia are you talking about?
    It’s just a fetish. Some like porn with firemen, some like porn with mormons…

  5. He was one of their main guys, I wonder if he’s gone; they lost Elder Miller to CF (Alec) too. Wonder why they can’t keep their guys around.

  6. You have to be at least 18 years of age to become an Elder. This is very different from the pedophilic themed films some studios release with priests taking advantage of seemingly young twink boys–see the new films released recently by EuroCreme–ver disturbing IMO.
    These MBZ films here are just disrespectful to the church….if you care about that.

  7. I totally disagree with your sentiments. “Use of the sacred in porn is pathetic”. There is nothing truly sacred about religious myths made up by men in an attempt to control the minds and lives of others. “Porn is a very base product, but just how disgusting does porn need to get?” There is nothing base about good porn that often shows young people, at the peak of their physical perfection, sexually enjoying each other. “The people behind Mormon Boyz owe the Mormon Church and Mormons in general a major apology”. Actually the Mormon Church owes humanity a major apology for continuing to spread the myths made up by Smith and Young and their associates. That primitive religious myths are still seen as “sacred” by many is sad commentary on humanities intellectual development.

  8. They’re a small studio and not very well advertised. I wish more people knew about them because they make really good gay porn.

  9. We all have our own personal lines. But what crosses your boundaries may not have anything to do with me. As you yourself said- “whether it’s sacred to me or not.” If someone said, “Water is sacred to me, and watching people defile it with hardcore sex is profane” would you support never making another porn that featured a shower scene, or a pool? If someone said “Sex outside the sanctity of marriage is profane to me” would you declare that all scenes have to feature only married couples? If someone said, “Racial purity is sacred to me, and watching interracial couples have sex is profane” would you cancel all scenes between mixed-race partners? I like it when people stand up for their values, but sometimes you have to realize that other people don’t give a shit about what you think is ‘profane’ or not.

  10. Wow. I expected a more thoughtful answer from you. Why not attempt to answer my points instead of hurling invective,

  11. Why don’t we start with the question: Did Smith and Young and their associates make up those fairy tales or did the creator of the Billion Galaxy Universe communicate that nonsense to them? Answer that. Don’t hurl invective.

  12. Understood, some like porn with altar boys… Mormons don’t have altar boys, but there is definitely implied older guy taking sexual liberties with younger members. As I said, implied ….

  13. You make excellent points and those whose intellects are still shackled by religious myths have no real answers. They just hurl invectives or decline to answer.

  14. Hear! Hear! And may I add that I’d be as untroubled by a website called scientologyboyz.com or moonieboyz.com or guyanatownboyz.com. “Defiling” the sacredness of an oppressive cult? Think not. Hot boys. Period. Love it.

  15. Go to your North Star and “cure” yourself of your homosexuality. We don’t need haters like you!

  16. Does anyone know if Bishop Stevenson from MormonBoyz has appeared in any other porn?

  17. Come on, it’s fictional, unreal. Just a fantasy, parody, fetish and entertainment…

  18. Please throw yourself in the garbage. You are disgusting and a pathetic sorry excuse. You owe porn an apology.

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