39 thoughts on “Hot or not? Guys with long hair

  1. If it’s Khal Drogo and he’s going to throw me down and fuck me like a wild beast, I’m all for the long, luxurious locks. If it’s a big power bottom like the first picture and he going to squeal like a girl, I’m not really into that. But to each his own.

  2. You don’t like power bottoms with long hair?! It’s fun holding onto their hair while you’re fucking them!

  3. There’s a certain point where it looks feminine and thus unattractive. Unless the guy is still hot and cocky…and then I’ll allow it.
    I also tend to dislike girls with short hair. I automatically perceive a woman with a short haircut to be a lesbian because I’m unenlightened and obnoxious.

  4. I think long hair on gay porn stars look good if they’re blond and got a really beefy or muscular body AND if they’re total bottoms. Oddly specific, I know but it gives off that Tarzan/Thor vibe.

  5. I don’t mind in real life. But on pics and videos they just look weird especially the ones posted here

  6. I wish long hair would become more fashionable. It was for many years and many men look very handsome with long hair. I think the first guy has too short of a neck for long hair, but I like all the others. Tayte Hanson is very hot to me. I’ve become a huge fan of Jeff Buckley who died 20 years ago and he had beautiful long hair, as did his band.

  7. I like him better than Kip. But seriously? You choose bad photos which he looks effiminate. Ugh, It’s unfair! there’s a bunch of hot photos of him and he’s so much hotter in the video. BTW he remind me of Chris Hemsworth from Thor though. Not exactly, but I’m sure he could make Thor in a gay porn parody of it.

  8. Kip’s height and hair length are the perfect ratio where he still looks attractive.
    But that Men of Montreal dude? Maybe it’s Maybelline, but he is serving face with those long luscious locks. It’s pretty, but it ain’t porn.

  9. Watch Paul Morrissey’s ‘Heat’ and Joe Dallesandro and Sylvia Miles’s exchange about his hair, and you’ll change your mind. Hot.

  10. I find David Kadera incredibly sexy with his long hair. All I can think about is grabbing a big handfull of it, yanking his head back as I drill him doggy.

  11. If it’s styled, then sure. But if it’s just long without any layers or thought behind the look, then no. There’s also a limit to the length. The guy from Men in Montreal, it’s styled very nice, but his hair is way too long, it looks feminine, and quite strange since he has such a hot beefy body.

  12. I think long hair on a guy is very sexy and it is especially on Kip Johnson. He is very good looking and handles himself very well in the business, I love Kip Johnson’s work very much.

  13. I think long hair on men is very sexy. Why should women think their the only ones who can wear it. My fourth boyfriend had long incredible black hair when we parted ways I think I missed his hair more than his dick. We need more men with Kip Johnson hair.

  14. WOW….you guys are HARSH!!!! I agree the Men of Montreal guy looks like he belongs in a chessy stripping troupe or the WWE, but come on!
    To each their own. I’m NOT a fan of long hair but I also agree that Kip is a beauty!

  15. Even if the guy has a sexy body, handsome face, the whole package, the long hair just needs to go.. I dont find it attractive at all.

  16. As long as the hair looks wild, like in Vikings serie, and the guy have a decent look , I find them attractive. Of course there are those who really like the Pantene-guy-style. I rather the bring up-from the mud-dude.

  17. Long hair on guys IS a turnoff. Looks feminine. And the guy on top (Emeric) looks like a big joke!! Is he really hired by “Men of Montreal”???

  18. Kip Johnson is hot with his long hair and all, but he can’t perform worth a damn.

  19. On the right guy, Long hair is fucking hot! Actually, on any good looking guy, long hair makes him even hotter.

  20. While I understand your hatred for gay-for-payers…
    I am afraid that you have bought into the heterosexual mold.
    some guys with long hair ARE GORGEOUS. They are not girls, they are not trannies, they are GUYS!!!.
    Look into your own prejudices, litper.

  21. I do not find Emeric hot AT ALL!!!
    I am more of a face guy. Nick Speedman is OK. But, fucking Kip Johnson is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! I mean what’s not to like about a tall guy, with an angelic face and with long hair and is a EFFING bottom…. huzzah !!!!
    Dayum… my dick is hard just thinking about Kip!! I agree with E.J. that Kip is hot but just cannot perform. But then, what else can one expect from str8 guys in gay porn, right?

  22. I agree Wldone… I find David Kadera very sexy too.
    Unfortunately, litper has these quaint views and seems to get away with belittling other people’s comments with his holier-than-thou attitude.

  23. As I said on Twitter, it depends on the guy. Kip Johnson looks great with long hair but Lucas Knowles looked horrible to me when he let his grow out. Then there are guys like Tom Faulk and D.O. who can pull off both long AND short hair.

  24. heck no. one of my biggest pet peeve lol the difference in their looks once they chop it off its like a whole new person

  25. I want my men with short hair. It makes them look handsome to me. Men with long hair rarely get my attention unless they have hot bodies. But then, the attraction is sexual only.

  26. All i know is most of the time, I have seen guys who I would not touch with a 10 foot pole and they grow there hair out and they are suddenly fucking hot!
    Tall lean guys I especially like with long hair.

  27. And yes, grammar Nazi’s I realized after I hit the post button i used the wrong “there” there.

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