Hudson of Sean Cody is now Saul of Paragon Men (tip @ genesis157)

Hudson only had a solo at Sean Cody.


He did nude shoots for other photographers such as Chris Hyver.


And, he has another nude solo, this time for Paragon Men, where he was given the name Saul.

Paragonmen_saul_01 Paragonmen_saul_02 
Paragonmen_saul_03 Paragonmen_saul_04 

Saul is actually his real (?) first name. His full name was even mentioned in a Butch Harris tweet and there was no complaint from Saul.

He is a power lifter and has joined competition, which he shared on Youtube and his other social media accounts.


4 thoughts on “Hudson of Sean Cody is now Saul of Paragon Men (tip @ genesis157)

  1. i knew he wouldn’t return. Such a shame because I wouldve loved to see that ass get fucked bareback

  2. WOOF !Saul is one helluva man !
    In a June 27 posting on ParagonMen’s twitter page ( someone asks about video of Saul on the site. The reply is that there are 3 VERY hot videos to come. Now that the ‘July issue’ is up at the ParagonMen site, I only see two videos for Saul ? Wondering what that is about ? Certainly hope that Saul hasn’t changed his mind about having another stroke video of himself out there ! (The other being his SC ‘Hudson’ solo). If so, I guess any hope of ever seeing him in M2M stuff is out the window !:( The more I see of this hunk the more I am in lust ! sigh

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