Production problems at Sketchy Sex?

From a fellow porn fan, BigJoe59 (via email) "As you know, I love the Sketchy Sex videos, with all those hot sexy 18-24 year olds all American types, fucking raw and taking load after load, both orally and anally."


Sketchysex_cumsinside_04"Well something's afoot. The last video was only 14 minutes. Wayyyyyyyyyyy too short. And, the new video just posted "Cum Inside" is another "to be continued" video. The site's videos used to be super hot when they were solid one shot deal 24-30 minute videos. But, I fear the reason behind all these "to be continued" videos is the fact they're having productions."



Just kidding 🙂

"So, by dividing a solid 24-30 minutes into two parts, they have more videos to post. In fact, there are some "to be continued" video which haven't even been continued yet. Very troubling. So again, I can only surmise they're having production problems and simply don't have enough videos to post, hence the "to be continued" trend."


10 thoughts on “Production problems at Sketchy Sex?

  1. I don’t see how a couple of shorter video’s posted can mean production problems. Scenes are often of varying lengths with some being longer than others, so I fail to see how this is any indication of “production problems”.

  2. I get where you’re coming from @BigJoe59…something is sketchy over there at Sketchy Sex Studios.

  3. The latest update which went up today I think was 22 minutes about average for the site, which I just joined last week. There are 21 videos total on the site and they range from 36 minutes in length to 15 with most being 20 or more. Only two of the videos are 15 minutes in length.

  4. I agree with Seaguy, also being a member of Sketchy Sex, I can confirm that the videos vary in length. I don’t think a porn video should be a specific length and I certainly don’t think that a variation in the length of videos can be considered a production problem. The idea of “to be continued” is videos in this type of sequence are part of a scene theme. It’s not like Sketchy Sex cuts one porn scene into several parts and only gives you the cum shot in the final part – these videos feature cum shots throughout, so I think the studio has come up with a great formula and the videos are fucking hot in my opinion and I’m constantly craving for more.

  5. if u look at the production date, most of these videos are made a year or two years ago. Only maybe one video was made in 2014.

  6. “To be continued” in porn is fucking stupid. Cutting the action short and in half so you have more videos to post at the cost of not having all the action of an entire scene, cumshot and everything, in one video is terrible.

  7. I’m ok with “to be continued” if there are cum shots in the scene if it’s a decent length of at least fifteen minutes and feels complete – I don’t expect scenes to last for over an hour. Television shows continue from episode to episode, so what they’re doing is similar to this. Nobody is saying that the action is being cut short, sometimes these “to be continued” scenes aren’t actually a continuation of the same scene and can involve different guys. We don’t know whether they are cutting videos into bits to save money, that’s just an assumption people seem to be making here.

  8. They film a bunch of scenes at the same time several times a year, which is why the production dates can vary considerably from the time they are filmed. This is partly so the guys can get tested and then fuck raw like crazy, rather than filming individual scenes on a regular basis and getting tested each time a scene is filmed. It’s also easier for the studio to schedule guys this way. The action is still hot, even if most of the scenes featured this year were filmed last year.

  9. Here’s my 2 cents on the issue to sum it up its all about “dinero”/making more dough they cut the entire film into multiple short segments to increase revenue and profitability. Coming not only from their widening market base but also make a new sale from the same group of people that were enticed in preceding parts to pay for the second/third or fourth part of same porn while keeping the overhead cost low since the actors, crew, and production cost will only be paid once for the entire film. Great strategy I would say as long as it works for them but people will soon realize that it is a rip off then time to re-think of new strategy again.

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