Ajay Laws of Gay Hoopla as Jordan Roberts of Next Door (tip @ David)

Ajay Laws was introduced last month by Gay Hoopla.

Ajay_laws_gayhoopla_aka_jordan_roberts_02 Ajay_laws_gayhoopla_aka_jordan_roberts_03 

This coming July 14, 2014, he will be introduced by Next Door as Jordan Roberts.


With & without a gap between his teeth.

Ajay_laws_gayhoopla_aka_jordan_roberts_07 Ajay_laws_gayhoopla_aka_jordan_roberts_08

He is still with Gay Hoopla since he is scheduled for a live cam show tonight.


19 thoughts on “Ajay Laws of Gay Hoopla as Jordan Roberts of Next Door (tip @ David)

  1. When you have guns like Ajay’s. I don’t think too many guys are looking at the gap in his front teeth.

  2. To answer the question…with the gap.
    Interesting that he moves from one shitty studio to another. It could be that he is after pussy or is he avoiding a cock up his ass?

  3. nextdoor could still get him to bottom, but it would have to be before or after fucking a girl.

  4. well if it makes you feel better we may not see him bottom…but to work at Next Door you have to get raped by the site owner. Slate Steele and Spencer Fox have both said as much.

  5. Why are you so obsessed with straight and “bisexual” guys. Ask yourself that instead of the stupid question you just asked.

  6. With the gap, he’s cute. Without the gap, he’s handsome. I can’t blame him for wanting to get it fixed, but he looks amazing either way.

  7. It looks like he still has the gap in the Next Door preview video, so maybe they just ‘fixed’ it in the pictures

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