8 thoughts on “Anthony Romero with Tyler Torro

  1. so i guess he & Austin are done for good? i see Austin all the time on chaturbate w/various other guys

  2. Anthony Romero is a beauty. He is kind of a smaller version of the AWESOME Marco Rubi.

  3. I just want to say that I seriously miss Anthony Romero and hate that it took me a moment to allow him to get my attention. Ever since he and Austin broke up, Anthony just disappeared. It’s a sad fate for half of a porn couple: when they break up, one usually leaves porn without a trace. When the Jarics broke up, Aden appeared in a number of magazines but the only one I see now is Jordan who’s on Twitter and has been experiencing some health problems.

  4. Torro’s body is one of my favorites in porn. His ass is perfect for rimming. I hope he stays in (gay) porn. Didn’t he get married?

  5. Love Anthony Romero and Tyler Torro, but what the hell is with Next Door putting out scenes that are like 2-plus years old! Men.com does that too. Ridiculous!

  6. Anthony Romero has it all…great body, great bottom actor, and very smart guy, as evidenced from his old blog with his writing and other things he addressed. Hoping he is having a good life.

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