Arny Donan of William Higgins is Czech Hunter #152 (wore the same clothes)

His casting shoot was released by William Higgins last February 2014 and he was given the name Arny Donan. So far, all his scenes, including Str8 Hell, the sister site, are bareback.

Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_01 Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_02 
Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_03 Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_04 Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_05 
Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_06 Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_07 

He is the latest guy at Czech Hunter, scene #152.


He also had scenes released at Big Daddy where he wore the same clothes as his shoot at William Higgins and Czech Hunter.


Would this be proof that he filmed these 4 scenes in a day or two?

FYI This has happened more than once, where the stars wore the same clothes in different shoots. It's not anymore a coincidence.

UPDATE He was also given the name Patrick Roberts at Man Avenue & Patrick Tyson at Cocksure Men.

15 thoughts on “Arny Donan of William Higgins is Czech Hunter #152 (wore the same clothes)

  1. No wonder they fuck so tentatively (never balls deep) – these guys are bottoming twice and three times a day.

  2. oh god I think I just realized Arny Donan and Vlado Tomek are two separate people. All this time I thought they were the same guy just one was per-tattoos and one was post-tattoos.

  3. I will not abide all these forgettable eastern europeans taking all the porn jobs from the American gay-for-payers. I demand a trade embargo on eastern european porn!

  4. To be fair, he’s wearing long pants in the Higgins shots and cargo shorts in the Czech Hunter shots. But with the same underwear, you’re probably right. Maybe the Czech Hunter was done first since it clearly starts during the daytime, with the indoor photo shoot later along with the Big Daddy night time shoot. Hopefully it was all in one day if he didn’t change his underwear. (laugh)

  5. Agreed and too that his shirt looks teal in some pics and blue in others. Perhaps just clarity but it seems a stretch to say same day.
    My BF has given me 6 orange T-shirts in six months so I kinda get the limited wardrobe lmao!

  6. I believe the castings for WH are done on Tuesday. If your casting is good you can do a photo shoot + solo in the afternoon. And when the production team is satisfied with your performance you are asked to come back for a massage and/or a hardcore sex scene. Words get around there is a new guy on the block who can perform in front of the camera and has a decent body and BigDaddy asks you to do a scene for them. Sometimes CzechHunter is also thrown in the mix.
    So no, most of these scenes are not filmed on the same day. WH was first. BigDaddy and CzechHunter could be filmed on the same day. If so, CH scenes are usually released later because of post production (= translation).
    This week the CzechHunter is not Denis Reed but Georgio Black who has an ugly and very distracting tattoo on his leg.

  7. Well.. if you look closely:
    Blue shirt + long cargos in William Higgins
    Teal shirt + short cargos in Czechhunter
    Blue shirt + short cargos in BigDaddy
    Not exactly the same.

  8. LMAO ! I fully agree with donald… heh, heh.
    The poor American gay-for-payers… my heart goes out to them.

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