Donny Forza as Ashton Fierce at Randy Blue (tip @ Jason)

Currently, scenes of Donny Forza (aka Leif) can be watched at Fraternity X and Dallas Reeves [gallery 01, 02, & 03].

Donny_forza_aka_dallasreeves_03 Donny_forza_aka_dallasreeves_04 

He is also doing live cam shows at Randy Blue, using the name Ashton Pierce "My name is ashton fierce many of you may know me differently either way this what im about im a sex symbol, i am intelligent caring and giving. i love earth and its beauty. i love to have fun with friends go out etc." He identified himself as straight.


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9 thoughts on “Donny Forza as Ashton Fierce at Randy Blue (tip @ Jason)

  1. Just when he started appealing to me he has to open his mouth. Straight is the new gay. No one is gay anymore. That’s history. The new gay community is made up of straight guys who have a gay sex fetish.
    Oh, BTW, scientists have now officially designated a fourth sexual orientation -gay for pay. And a fifth one is in proposal -bi-curious. Facebook will have to add them as options.

  2. At Randy Blue he is Ashton Fierce
    At Dallas Reeves he is Donny Forza
    At Chaosmen he was Leif
    At Fraternity X he was Sage
    At College Dudes he was Tony Admiral

  3. I just care if I find a model attractive. I don’t care about someone who is or isn’t a part of the gay community. Plenty of gay people seem to have butter faces and I want to see people I find attractive in my porn. I’m going to jack off to who I like and I’ll let everyone else bask in the glory of gay fellowship and enjoy their all gay models. Me I just want to bust a nut.

  4. And another group: Big raw tops who say they are gay but NEVER bottom. What’s with that, purist?????

  5. Big Raw Top rants against those who are not 100% Gay, but he NEVER BOTTOMS. What’s with that phony???

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