Jake Tipton now Zane Anders covered his tattoo to be Elder Buckley (tips @ Melbman, Delirious D, Geerdo & Urban123)

This was Zane in 2012 at Corbin Fisher that already showed the tattoo on his chest.


This 2014, he is also Elder Buckley (aka Zarek & Jake Tipton), the latest update at Mormon Boyz, where no chest tattoo was seen. It is not old scene prior to 2012.



His Mormon Boyz look and body type is the same as his 2014 scene at Broke Straight Boys and Roped Studs (as Topher).



His tattoos were just covered by Mormon Boyz to go with the belief of the real Mormons that body tattoos show a lack of respect on themselves and God.

FYI On twitter, he is known as Zane Anders, an account I believe was created by the porn studio Dallas Reeves.