Q & A with Sebastian Young

1. Let us start with your stats.

Height? 6’1
Weight? 225
Dick? 8 and really thick
Foot size? 11.5
Nationality? White
Age? 31
Straight, Bi or Gay? Bi
Education? High school diploma.

Other jobs outside porn? I have a certification in personal training. With being gone weeks at a time to film, I find it hard to keep steady clients.


2. How do you keep your body porn ready?

Lots of exercise.. Sometimes I’m in the gym twice a day.. I have a conditioning routine I do that always does the trick for cutting up.. Plus I just started back playing tennis when I can.

3. How do you prepare for a gay scene? What makes you hard in a porn shoot – pill, acting in front of the camera, imagining another scenario in your mind, watching str8 porn, or something else?

I use to watch straight porn, but I’ve been filming for so long that I just have sex..


4. On average how long does it take for a scene to be filmed? What goes on between takes?

Um, I’m pretty easy. Producers like filming with me because it’s some of their quickest shoots. As to between filming? I try not to eat:) but really I learn from the producers and camera men to get a feel of their job and to understand them better.

5. What do you hate most in a scene partner? And, what do you like most in a scene partner?

Hate most? Divas!!! Some one who over does it for attention.. Like most? The all American attitude and style!!

6. Do you have a sexual preference for a scene partner (gay, bi or str8)?

Definitely not the straight ones.. They are too much problems.. I always have to listen to them “you know I’m not gay bro” it cracks me up.. But I prefer bi.. Or even “straight acting gay”

7. If it were up to you, what is your preference in a scene – top or bottom? With or without kissing? With or without sucking cock? With or without rimming?

It all feels good to me.. Do I have to choose?

8. Personally, what is the perfect sex scenario for you?

Not sure, there have been so many master pieces in my life time.. But really I love the bed room scene. A nice big, soft bed with my ideal guy, preferably a buddy I’ve fantasized about.

9. Have you had an experience where your scene partner wanted to take you home for a more intimate time? Care to share the experience?

Yes I have, and really, after filming, I’m not horny.. Actually I am hungry and tired.. But I will find time for the gym

10. Have you had an experience where you were required to have sex with the boss to get the job? If yes, kindly elaborate.

No, I have worked with only professionals.

11. What made you decide to film bareback?

I was forced into it…… Just kidding with you. Naw, I have always enjoyed it.. Was very scared of it but it was in the back if my head. But again, I work with professionals who go above and beyond to assure the safety of their models.


12. Your recent bareback had fake fucking but you did not blame yourself since your dick was hard. Care to elaborate? [If you want to answer this question]

Of course I’ll answer it..  If you watch the whole scene, you can clearly see penetration through out the whole scene. Literally I was begged by the “rent boy of the year” mr. Chris Daniels to take it easier on him.. After (what would be a fast shoot) hours of this complaining he acted if I could fake it for a minute.. So… What you saw is something I would rarely ever do.. Nobody agree to this on set at Lucas entertainment. But I felt his pain, like there was something wrong with him.. Maybe gas. Who knows.. But it won’t happen again!

13. Do you have a favorite porn star? The least liked porn star? Favorite studio? Do you read blogs or hate them? My favorite pornstar?

There are so many to choose from.. Let’s see.. Dallas Reeves is high on my chart, then there is Zeb Atlas, and Matthew Rush.. I also really like and adore Johnny Rapid and Jimmy Fans. Least favorite? Let’s be nice!

14. If the pay was the same, would you stay in gay porn or cross over to str8 porn? Why?

It’s about the image.. Gay porn is the root of Sebastian Young. Plus my wife says no to straight porn.. I listen

15. There is a rumor that Baileey and you are sort of in a relationship? True or not?

We go way back.. I’ve known Bailey for almost 10 years. Just friends, nothing else..

16. You spent several times in jail, did anyone recognized you? If yes, what happened?

Thank god they didn’t lol


17. Lastly, tell us about your future projects in porn.

I’m just trying to build a stable foundation in this industry… Soon my site will be up and you’ll get to see me through my mind and ideas..

Thank you very much Sebastian for the time in answering these questions.

Your welcome and any time. Thanks for having me.. Take care