Scene review by Alias74 on Simon Gets Fucked from Corbin Fisher


OVERALL IMPRESSION: My take on Simon? Even with his "blue collar – straight from the trailers" look, this kid could very well be the new "Lucas" for the millennial Corbin Fisher fan base. And while my outlook on his potential is positive, my critique of this clip is….not so much. In his first time bottoming, Simon gives a super hot performance, but the editing and Zeb's slightly-under-par performance mar what could have been a legendary scene. I am almost sure most of the viewers of this clip will find it fantastic. I'm picky about my porn, and as a fantasy, porn always works best when the scene runs as if you are in the room witnessing something fluid and natural. Whoever edited this scene didn’t get that "fly on the wall" memo. That said, to quote Harry Potter: "We expect great things from you", Simon.

Somewhere between "Wank Worthy" and "Download & Watch Later"


  • Scene MVP Simon in just his second gay hardcore scene (he's done a solo and TWO straight scenes) has advanced further and performed better than over ¾ of the recent newbies in the stable. The boy is a natural! Here he ticks all the boxes – hot moaning, gets fucked in all positions, great expressions (I'm convinced – he's straight and has never been fucked before), is both a perfect active AND passive bottom. Excuse me while I wipe myself clean!


  • SLEDGEHAMMER AND HELICOPTERS GALORE! In addition to being a performer that goes the extra mile, Simon’s cock pulls off two rare occurrences in ONE clip: the Sledgehammer (when a bottoms rock hard cock flops up and down and up and down) – see minutes 10:18 and 10:50 – and the Helicopter (when the bottoms cock swings around in a circle while getting fucked) – see 6:36 in the standing doggy and 10:07 in the reverse cowboy.
  • "Breaking the fourth wall" (looking directly at the camera) is a rookie mistake but at the right moment, it's PORN fantasy GOLD! Kinda like the performer is connecting with the viewer. Simon does it THREE times this video – see 5:40 and around 8:27 and during the phenomenal gape shot at the end, while Zeb does it on the sly in the reverse cowboy (watch very closely at around 10:40).
  • Zeb's money shot is all kinds of cummy coating on Simon’s freshly fucked hole, followed by two plunging creampie pokes. NICE!


  • My biggest complaint is the choppy editing here which kills the momentum. The performers within shots go from fucking really fast to suddenly moving very slow, or even bent, limp cocks that suddenly become hard in the next microsecond (through the magic of editing Zeb appears hard, but carefully watch the editing: it
  • s clear there’s a lot of pinching off and bent cock which screams out "limp noodle"). And the transitions are confoundingly strange – again likely done to cover up inadequacies in the performance.
  • AWFUL performer kinetics – Zeb fucks but then Simon moves himself out of position, there are hard edits and then suddenly they are repositioned. They seem to be working against each other at times in the video.
  • Simon leaves oily face smudge marks on the mirror….ewwwwww.


  • Blink and you will miss Simon's cum shot…..I had to replay it twice to see it! Either Zeb's cock gave Simon a prostate orgasm (which means more clear, watery prostatic fluid versus milky white cum) or this was the WORST. CUM SHOT. EVER! I didn't even realize he came until a) I noticed drips of it on his torso and b) a bit of it came flying out of his cock head. #disappointed.

Hottest Moment: GAPE ALERT! Check at the end minute 16:04: Zeb rolls up Simon on his back and the camera zooms in for a shot of his used and wet hole. Only his second gay shoot and the boy even spreads his cheeks for a better view and breaks the fourth wall again (!) swoon

14 thoughts on “Scene review by Alias74 on Simon Gets Fucked from Corbin Fisher

  1. I agree fully,..that Simon could pass as a sibling to Tom,…and I’ll bet both played HS football prior to becoming Porn-Models. LOL!! 🙂 🙂
    As always (in my opinion).– Alias74’s – Pros/Cons…gets my thumbs up. .. and thank you for sharing.
    “Choppy-Editing” could be attributed in trying to keep the video under CF’s 23 minute per scene criteria…and will finger this one on Pete. I’ll also bet wages that the cameraman on this scene was CONNOR…. who has first hand-experience what us fans are looking for.
    Message to Alias74::: I would enjoy having you critic ALL of CF’s ACM and CFSelect updates. … AND … would invite Corbin , Pete, and Connor to read them. –“They may learn something”!!! : Thumbs Up :
    PS: Glad to see Green-Eye sensation = ZEB back being a Corbie,

  2. I actually like this video. Zeb did not hold back fucking a first timer and Simon took everything.

  3. Sad to day that any “limp noodle” problems mean its an absolute NO go for me. Plus a sub par cum shot is unacceptable. There’s a reason they call it the money shot and he didn’t earn his money.

  4. @ Alias: I agree that Truman is entirely forgettable but Simon did do topping duties with him. It was a rare Truman update I watched until the end. So Simon has in fact 5 scenes under his belt.
    I think that the goofs and choppiness in the editing that you have noted are most likely due to Simon being extremely uncomfortable (lots of expressions of downright pain) so lots of stops and starts were made necessary during that shoot. Which in turn might not have helped with Zeb’s erection. Plus Zeb’s scratchy beard during the rimming must not have been very pleasant as others have remarked on JUB. I think that Simon was a soldier going through that shoot.
    Simon most likely shot all of his scenes in quick succession (which each ACS scene as a “reward” for his ACM ones?) so that could be the reason for his extremely weak orgasm as well.
    @ Jason : it’s been a long while since CF scenes have hit the almost 23 minute mark. I think that yesterday’s Adam return is a rare exception (but everything is better with Adam). Nowadays most updates hover around 14-16 minutes, which allow CF’s marketing to crow about “faster downloading”. Well, if there’s less to download, duh…

  5. Soooooo I’m trying to start my own review blog and my computer crashed. I DID see Simon fuck Truman and you are right: It was LEGENDARY! I was impressed especially considering that Truman hasn’t exactly measured up but he got the memo in that scene!
    I think you and I are essentially saying the same thing – I typed that this was Simon’s second “gay hardcore” scene after he was given the rare occurrence of TWO ACS scenes. Adding the solo, that brings his total to five. We’re both right! We’re both the daddy’s hands (to quote the movie “Who’s that Girl”).
    If there’s one takeaway from this review, it’s that CF has a potential star along the lines of “Dawson” and “Connor” in Simon if they just film and edit him right. Kid seems pretty fearless…now we just need to see him do some ATM, get double fucked, and felch.

  6. Well…I don’t think he should be faulted for having a bad cum shot that day. CF frequently has the performers bust out one or two scenes on the same day….so maybe naturally he just needs a recharge.
    Maybe I was overly harsh now that I’m re-reading my words over his cum shot. He can’t really be blamed for a natural occurrence beyond his control.

  7. THANKS, JASON401. Why aren’t we friends on Facebook or something???? Email Denz.
    Also I HOPE there isn’t a criteria of keeping scenes under 23 minutes. If its done right, I don’t mind a 30 or 35 minute scene. In fact I get a little disappointed when the scene is only 16 minutes.
    Personally….READ THIS CORBIN FISHER: I want to work for Corbin Fisher as an editor, production assistant, and cameraman. Ive written them several times….in fact I’d quit my job and pack up and dedicate my life to helping produce hot, good porn…no response. 🙁 May they think I’m some psycho groupie that just wants to get near the boys when seriously? I;m a life long porn fan that believes in the brand of CF….enough to lovingly critique their scenes honestly.
    HIRE ME!

  8. To be fair, Zeb remains relatively erect through most of it….because I’ve seen Zeb clips so much (admitedly I’m a bit of a Zeb groupie….those EYES!)…I know his boner is wilting when it bends in half like that during the action.

  9. Sorry to have misread you: I didn’t understand that a solo was not hardcore enough for you. I don’t think they allow erect penises and masturbating them in softcore though… 😉
    I liked the scene, obviously not as much as you but I think they shouldn’t have used Zeb as pitcher: he rarely is mindful of his catching partners and if it was indeed Simon’s first time under the yoke, it wasn’t very astute casting which could have the effect of turning Simon off more scenes (even bi ones, though that would be an excellent idea).
    And I forgot to mention: I think that poor Simon gaping at the end was mostly the result of all the dildo practice they had him do when the camera weren’t rolling to get him through the scene.
    I think that Corbin doesn’t let anyone that didn’t star in one of his productions behind the camera (Connor was joined by Harper, Blake and Josh in the past year or so) so you know what you have to do: hit the gym, get blond highlights and send in an application as a model. If you can pass as under 25, it’s all good I think! 🙂

  10. Well, if we’re going to be fair to Simon and his piss poor money shot, then we should be fair to dwd999999999999999999 and admit like adults that it’s someone’s fault there’s a piss poor money shot. Blame fucking Corbin Fisher! Blame Canada! (it’s not a real country anyway)

  11. I like to think of myself as a very young 40….but THAT’S not happening.
    Agreed…there should have been a different partner in the scene but the takeaway is that Simon is going to break out as a star. He’s GOOD no matter who the partner is.
    Also “under the yoke” is now my new catch phrase!

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