Will paramedics or doctors honor this tattoo?

One of the guys at Pegasus Studios is Damien Stretch with the words "Do Not Revive" tattooed on his chest.


Will this tattoo be honored by the medical profession? And, is this the same as "Do Not Resuscitate"?

4 thoughts on “Will paramedics or doctors honor this tattoo?

  1. Why this people treat their own bodies as a wall to be filled with graffiti. I have seen all kinds of meaningless and stupid tattoos. And this one is one of the worst.

  2. I have a DNR in my living will. This is not a “stupid tattoo.” In fact, it’s the most brilliant DNR I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the guy for putting his DNR where it’ll do the most good … should the time come.

  3. Here’s an interesting article, written by a legal professional, about the DNR tattoo.
    It basically boils down to this, it will not prevent them from preforming lifesaving measures in cases where the patient is unconscious and in distress.
    It will, however, prompt questions and be a cue for them to find any supporting legal documents. By itself however it has no legal standing.

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