A 2009 scene of Roger Lambert, released by Raw Fuck this year (tip @ Jean)

Last April 14, 2014, Raw Fuck released a threesome scene of Roger Lambert.

Roger_lambert_rawfuck_02 Roger_lambert_rawfuck_03 
Roger_lambert_rawfuck_04 Roger_lambert_rawfuck_05 

That scene was actually from the movie Nasty School Memories released in 2009. He used the name Hal Stubs.


If I am not mistaken, majority of the content from Raw Fuck comes from buying the rights from movies produced during the time DVD reigned supreme.

8 thoughts on “A 2009 scene of Roger Lambert, released by Raw Fuck this year (tip @ Jean)

  1. Good to know I skip sites that recycle old scenes from DVD porns. Not really in Euro guys anymore either when they don’t speak english while fucking it just annoys me cause hearing the verbal is part of the turn on for me.

  2. Has it occurred to anyone else that there must be an extraordinarily high percentage of young men of Central Europe who have had some experience in gay porn? The largest producer is the Czech Republic, of course, but there is also Hungary and Slovakia. The population of the CR is about 10,000,000. That’s roughly the size of the population of the city of New York (not the metro area just the city itself). I wonder what sociological impact this has had? If one assumes that the whole US and the CR produces approximately the same amount of mainstream gay porn, the percentage of the young male population is almost staggering.

  3. This surprises me a lot. I had no idea that Roger Lambert had worked for a different studio. It seems strange also to seek work at another studio than BelAmi, as he is cousin to Dolph. Maybe he wanted to try gay porn and not involve his cousin.

  4. Oh, yeah. In fact, including Bel Ami, I think he’s worked with at least three or four. Not surprising considering that a number of BA models have worked with other sites excluding its sister site, Ayor Studios.

  5. A friend of mine visited Prague last summer. He said the city is beautiful, many Czech guys are great looking and there are lots of smokin hot gay guys.

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