A comment from Rowan of Corbin Fisher

The latest scene released by Corbin Fisher is a scene of Rowan (aka Sheridan) and Quinn.


A certain Rowan (hoping it is the real Rowan) commented on this post "U guys can hate it or love it. But regardless me putting myself out there is going to bring negative and positive responses and I'm prepared for it. I do however take the negative comments seriously because there is a lot of truth there, things to be worked on. I fixed the hair, and putting on more size as well. Thanks for the impute. *"

[A scene review on Rowan & Tom by Alias74]

16 thoughts on “A comment from Rowan of Corbin Fisher

  1. people should be careful about their words. queers are already stereotyped as mean and vicious.

  2. He sounds like a good guy. However,I would suggest that he consider the sources of many of the negative comments on this and other gay blogs. There are a lot of hateful and bitter guys who just love to tear people down. I think some gays have been so wounded by society that they react by trying to wound others.

  3. Spot on Andrew.These guys whether straight , gay or bi provide their audiences with entertainment and sexual release. How hard is it to be kind and appreciative of their efforts?

  4. All the comments are correct. Can’t get over all the negative and bitchy comments that are made on here. There’s a real person behind the porn performer. Someone who has human feelings, regardless of whether they look like a drugged out, filthy homeless person who’s all-too-short life has amounted to shit. So just be thoughtful with the comments.

  5. Andrew you are so right – While I do think his current hair style is much more attractive on him – most people’s negative comments are just to be bitchy or out of jealousy and can rarely be worth Rowan’s time. He should stick to getting advice/suggestions from his real friends or fellow models/actors. Personally I like Rowan, he does a good job whether he tops or bottoms.

  6. Actually most of the models at the Studios Denz posts about look more like good looking physical fitness buffs. Some are in college, some work as personal trainers, others are bar tenders. Most are employed and earning a living. Studios like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Bel Ami, Randy Blue, Cocky Boys, Men.com and many others don’t employ the type people that you have characterized. If you are watching porn with models who look like “a filthy drugged out homeless person” you should improve your quality of life by switching to some of the Studios I have listed above.

  7. I truly enjoy reading everyone’s comments, especially Sammytine’s acknowledgement that Porn-Stars are people that have the same feelings and emotions as everyone here.
    As “BEAUTY lies in the eyes of the Beholder”!!,..it would be a fantasy if Rowan was able to please everyone. He fits the criteria of being a CORBIE perfectly,..and that is all that matters to this website Patron. Cheers!! A CF-Fanatic.

  8. The work Rowan is doing on his body makes him look fantastic and his latest scene topping Quinn is very good. But, Rowan, if you are reading this, show a little more passion when kissing, then you would be perfect. And, never go back to that black hair, it doesn’t suit you and please bottom more.

  9. Am I the only one who finds Rowan really hot? I found him hot at SC, and I find him hot now that he has blond hair again. He’s a cute guy with an incredible body and a delicious-looking dick.
    More importantly, he’s a great performer — especially by CF standards.
    Rowan, if you’re reading this, know that you are a sexy guy with lots of fans. It’s unfortunate you saw just how ugly these comment boards can get.
    Good luck, and get DPed.

  10. He’s not ugly to me at all. He’s one of those guys that is lukewarm to me but I just need a moment to warm up to him a little bit.

  11. Hey I know I’m a little late to the party,but I love Rowan. He is an amazing performer and hot as hell! Rowan don’t let the negative comments affect you, you are great.

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