8 thoughts on “Chance, Bill & Prescott of Sean Cody could pass as brothers

  1. They resemble each other but I doubt they’re related. They have different types of ears, nipples and dicks. Still, I’d really like to see them in a scene together.

  2. This more so speaks to the type of models that they get. They all fit a very specific “look”. I’m a fan of both sites (although I only subscribe to sean cody) but I often see new videos and feel like I’m seeing the same person in every scene

  3. Damn right Sean Cody clones all of their models uses them once and sometimes if we are lucky brings them back. Most of these guys have a specific look bland and fuckable yeah….

  4. Honestly, you’re only gonna get so many variations of a white guy. lol By now we’ve seen them all on SC.

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