19 thoughts on “Dalton Pierce aka Brenner Bolton is the new guy at Chaos Men (tip @ Yeremia)

  1. Ah…I knew I seen his FACE somewhere.
    Thank YOU – Yeremia…. for the “SHARP-EYE” !!

  2. Yeah. I noticed this when I first saw who CM’s solo of week was. I thought about submitting but figured someone else would- eventually.
    He says he’s Bi. Is he? He seems full-on gay to me.

  3. Just wanted to add: Byran is know for being delusional in his write ups, so it is probably his words not Brenner’s/Dalton’s.

  4. No, he says it in his interview “I prefer guys” “I lean more towards guys” something like that.
    He also only seems to work for studios that do bareback.

  5. He is absolutely outstanding no matter the name. He is full on gay in everything I’ve seen him in–just hotter than hell.

  6. He just tweeted this:
    Brenner Bolton @BrennerBolton · 6h
    People! My name is BRENNER BOLTON. I changed it once, I won’t change it again. So get used to it! Say it. Type it. Swallow it.

  7. Go look at his twitter feed the dude is as gay as they come. Here’s one example:
    Brenner Bolton @BrennerBolton · Aug 9
    I’m a faggot bottom STARVING for some dick… so why aren’t any of you feeding me?!

  8. Check out his twitter feed he is totally gay it all about being horny and wanting a big dick in his ass. So I would say that ChaosMen’s owner probably did the write up and tailored it for that sites image of hot, straight acting dudes. Not cock hungry bottom gay guys like he seems to be in real life. And I mean that in the best way cause I think he is hot. But the stuff he tweets does not jive with that Chaosmen summery unless it is referring to how he was several years ago when he like first came out but that would be odd.

  9. Again, pathetic straight-worshippers like Bryan trying to erase the models homosexuality! Simply disgusting!

  10. Got a twitter message from him basically saying his old name was associated with a studio he no longer wants to be associated with. So apparently he joins Vadim Black in no longer wanting to be associated or work for Dallas Reeves.

  11. I’ve got to say, he is the GAYEST man I’ve ever seen! He really doesn’t hold back on Twitter!

  12. Notice how the implication that this guy is gay the straight loving brigade isn’t all over this thread professing their undying love for him?

  13. He also did scenes for Men.com and Next Door, the last one recently released. But he apparently started at Dallas Reeves.

  14. Apparently, Mason Wyler gave up his twitter followers and past tweets to Brenner. Zach Sire posted on it at his blog. The “I’m a Faggot Bottom..” comment is from Mason Wyler.

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