8 thoughts on “With & without condoms for Dalton Pierce aka Brenner Bolton (tip @ Yeremia)

  1. without…that scene at NDS with condoms was painful to watch even his worse scene at Dallas Reeves was better.

  2. This Dalton / Brenner guy is just awesome. Give him an uninhibited script and partner (i.e., the Angel Rock scene at MEN.com) and the guy is spectacular. I don’t think it’s a condom, non-condom issue as the Angel Rock scene I mention above had condoms and it’s one of Dalton’s best. Heck this guy is so good and so willing just rip the rubber off and the guy will swallow, he’s a pro.

  3. OH. so it is him. He looks much better here. shame he only did one bottoming scene with (no thanks) Landon. What a waste. Go back to SC Connor.

  4. I’m happy to have Brenner/Dalton either way, but I’d prefer him without Maxx Fitch.

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