Dany Dolan aka Casey Slater aka Marc Ruffalo

Last Tuesday, Badpuppy released the solo of Dany Dolan.


Colt Studios seems to have bought the same photo shoot judging by the bench, blue shorts, hairstyle, & arm bands. They gave him the name Casey Slater [gallery] and released it last year.


The blue shorts with white belt that he wore for the Badpuppy shoot was left on the ground of his Colt Studios shoot.


He is also known as Marc Ruffalo at Belami Online where he had two solos released, one in 2011 & this year. He recently had a flip fuck bareback scene (two parts) released with Billy Montague.


8 thoughts on “Dany Dolan aka Casey Slater aka Marc Ruffalo

  1. At least he’s moving in the right direction >> Belami is definitely a renowned Studio and a good place for any aspiring Porn-Star with the proper attributes.
    Thanks DENZ,..for the “SHARP EYE” spotting. 🙂 🙂

  2. He mentioned in his Bel Ami solo that he had shot only one video – a solo before joining up with Bel Ami so I guess this is it?

  3. By whatever name, this guy is smokin hot. He has a really sexy look. Great face, perfectly sculpted lean muscular body, big cock and beautiful tan skin tone.

  4. Obviously same guy and probably the same photo shoot. However, the bench isn’t the same in both shoots – minor point I know but some technical stuff makes me crazy.

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