11 thoughts on “Elder Miller aka Neill aka Alec aka Alec Hudson

  1. Another G4P “Kangaroo”…a true Studio hopper,..but everyone deserves to make a living, and agree that at least he’s VERSATILE. LOL!!
    I’m expecting to see him next at MenOnEdge, then it’s on to Chaosmen or Sean Cody, CollegeDudes or BrokeStraightBoys.
    He popped his cherry as a “Corbie”, (Jacob Fucks Alec in June-2014) so I’ll wish him well in the industry. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I LOVE this cat – he makes the GOOFIEST sex faces ever. And yes…his teeth aren’t exactly perfect but there is a very odd disconnect between his goofy, nerdy, geeky face and his cut, enviable physique. One that actually works in his favor.
    Meanwhile…it seems the only real change in his look at Randy Blue is the hair. You can change the hair but you can’t change the goof!

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