In a few hours, the gay Jarec Wentworth & the str8 Phenix Saint

Men will release in a few hours the scene of Jarec Wentworth and Phenix Saint. Jarec played the gay guy while Phenix played the str8 photographer lured into gay sex, as the bottom. It happens in real life, really!

Jarecwentworth_phenixsaint_03 Jarecwentworth_phenixsaint_04 

With regards to the number of gay 4 pays, Maverick Males commented on it in this postI am a Scout for porn sites. I think what people don’t realize a big reason those sites use and look for straight guys and why g4p exist is because it creates a much bigger talent pool. If they only used gay men the quailty and quantity of the guys would go way down. Lol, I look for all types of guys, but the gay guys are usually never serious about it, they just keep talking to me bc they want to hook up. Not every gay guy wants to do porn, same with straights. But the pool of straight guys is much larger then the pool of gay guys just because of demographics.