In a few hours, the gay Jarec Wentworth & the str8 Phenix Saint

Men will release in a few hours the scene of Jarec Wentworth and Phenix Saint. Jarec played the gay guy while Phenix played the str8 photographer lured into gay sex, as the bottom. It happens in real life, really!

Jarecwentworth_phenixsaint_03 Jarecwentworth_phenixsaint_04 

With regards to the number of gay 4 pays, Maverick Males commented on it in this postI am a Scout for porn sites. I think what people don’t realize a big reason those sites use and look for straight guys and why g4p exist is because it creates a much bigger talent pool. If they only used gay men the quailty and quantity of the guys would go way down. Lol, I look for all types of guys, but the gay guys are usually never serious about it, they just keep talking to me bc they want to hook up. Not every gay guy wants to do porn, same with straights. But the pool of straight guys is much larger then the pool of gay guys just because of demographics.

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  1. At the end of the day, doesn’t really matter if they’re gay, straight, or bi, whether you support them or not, so why argue over it? They’re either gonna make money to fuck on film or they aren’t. Porn is porn, and if you blow a load from it, the actors have done their job. ALL of these men aren’t paid to satisfy all the boxes on the sexuality checklist, they’re paid to have gay sex, and that’s all. No one cares if everyone will end up being boyfriends later. If the sexuality of the actors bothers some so much then maybe they should watch gay couples only porn, cause it’s not a requirement for the mainstream. They do a scene, you bust a nut, and that’s that.

  2. “At the end of the day, doesn’t really matter if they’re gay, straight, or bi, whether you support them or not, so why argue over it?”
    If that’s the case, then why are you here? Responses like yours are nothing more than an attempt to shut down all discussion. Did you see what the topics is? It’s meant to generate discussion. According to you (which is really sick) is the contention that gay people who watch gay porn don’t want to see actual gay people in porn. If that isn’t self-hate, I don’t know what is.

  3. No, normal gays don’t obsess with a performers sexuality on a 24/7 basis like you do.
    Spend more time educating yourself on human sexuality and less time posting idiotic comments with no substance other than hurr durr g4p bad. You act as if straight men working in porn is somehow giving you cancer. GET. OVER. IT.

  4. How in the hell did you get self-hate from any of what he wrote? You sound like a someone in desperate need of being in a constant state of victimization. Porn workers are guess what, workers. There are hundreds of studios around the world; do you honestly think 3-5% (1.5-2.5% being men) of gays are enough of a pool to find attractive, young, willing models?
    Straight men that are willing to do gay porn are a NECESSITY for the industry. In the same way that sweat shops in China are needed for Wal-Mart’s low prices so too are desperate straight men needed to keep up with the demand for fresh faces in gay porn.

  5. Straight,Gay who cares just fucking perform please. Guys remember its fantasy Gay Models are as good a Straight Models in Gay Porn although the intimacy is not there and this is turn on for some and not others. Its fantasy just enjoy it.
    PS Still loving Jarek and missing himin Sean Cody.

  6. “maybe they should watch gay couples only porn, cause it’s not a requirement for the mainstream.”
    So, the “mainstream is gay people who don’t want to see actual gay people in porn. The mainstream, apparently, worships straight men. That equals self-hatred. That would be as ridiculous as saying black people don’t care whether or not they see black people in movies, or women saying it, or… Get it?

  7. Just as you enjoy it, and you have right to state it. Some of us don’t, and we have the same right. Stop trying to shut down the discussion. You asked “who cares?” Those of use who state that we don’t like it. That’s who.

  8. I notice that you rely on your own narrow mental construct of sexuality and not once mention that pesky little word “facts”. No amount of intellectual tap dancing is going to change the reality you so desperately want to avoid. From my own personal experience to gay pon actors’ experience to gay porn directors’ experience to gay porn production personnel’s experience not one shred of information backs up your assertions. The facts all lay on the side of the existence of g4p. Period. Reality and especially sexual reality is not a theoretical construct and even more so when you have some agenda in mind that fogs up your mental processes. It’s those facts, those pesky little facts that help keep our feet on the ground.

  9. By the way, if you think that straight men are standing around waiting to get into gay porn vs admittedly gay men, you’re a fucking idiot. The straight angle is being sold to you and you’re stupid enough to buy it.
    Gay performers have simply learned to lie and pretend to be straight, or they are told by porn companies “for our purposes, you’ll be straight.”

  10. Lol, now IT’s using the faulty statics based on self-identification to justify it’s straight worshipping. You’re just pathetic!
    Btw, the number of trans people is far far lower, yet there is no shortage of trans women in trans porn, and no such thing as trans-for-pay

  11. Yeah you should educate yourself on human sexuality and not use the faulty statistics to justify your straight-worshipping.

  12. I still remember that interview with an openly gay man who worked for Sean Cody, how they horribly treated him and how they forced him to lie about his sexuality!

  13. and he apparently doesn’t realize that the percentage of actual straight men who would perform gay sex on camera for everyone to see would be MUCH more minuscule than the number of gay men in porn. Who could be so dumb as to think there are more straight men who would do gay porn than gay?

  14. I really don’t know who are they trying to fool with their delusions and blatant lies… They’re almost like the hardcore christians who think you can pray the gay away. Well, they probably are, that’s why they hate gays so much.

  15. You may like to put real gay men in your neat little box. Truth is real life is more complicated than you understand. There are quite a few real gay men who, at different times in their lives, have had sex with women and have enjoyed it.

  16. Glad that I am able to enjoy watching all the young beautiful and muscular guys at Sean Cody, Belami and Corbin Fisher, whether they identify or are identified by others as gay, bi or straight. It makes for a much richer gay porn experience for me.

  17. Self-hate? lol What the hell are you even talking about? You should get real and stop wasting your time beating a dead horse. There are more self proclaimed straight guys than gay guys in America. The male talent for gay porn is coming from both sides, it just so happens that it’s overwhelmingly most from the straight side. It’s simple economics. There’s a limited quantity of gay guys, so they need straight ones to fill in the supply needed to make good new and diverse scenes. Ultimately, (and you should try to realize this), whether they’re actually gay or straight is really NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS and completely irrelevant. They’re attractive men that can screw other men on film, they meet the standard. Like I said, they’re providing their talents for pay and that’s what they’re there for, so deal with it or stop watching gay porn. You can be up in arms all you want and declare how much of this so called “self-hatred” I and others have for themselves, but that won’t change anything about how the gay porn business is run.

  18. If it’s none of MY damn business then why do they shove their heterosexuality in MY face. Just shut up and do your job! But no, they are forcing it on us!
    And self-haters like you were the same who were demanding us to accept society’s homophobia and heteronormativity because that “won’t change”. If we listened to people like you, we would still have sodomy laws, not to mention gay marriage bans.

  19. So your facts are that these guys are straight because they say they are, the directors say they are, and the production personnel say they are? Those are your “facts”?
    Lets see – people with an established, financial, and sexual vested interest in “straight guys having gay sex” are the authority on whether or not these guys are straight, and those are the people from whom you get these “facts”? The people who are creating and selling the product to you, marketing it based on the performer’s so called sexuality, and many of whom are the biggest “straight worshippers” of all are the ones who get to dictate that these guys are “straight”?
    Those are your facts?
    Funny, because I get my “facts” from evidence (straight men don’t have sex with other men, and these guys ARE having sex with other men for the entire world to see), common sense (about 99.99% of the population consider straight men to be men who don’t have sex with other men), and logic (of course they claim to be straight, because there is an entire reward system built into claiming to be straight). Those are the sources for my “facts” (not to mention the definition of the word straight itself), and your source of “facts” are the word/experiences of people who are involved in making porn that is marketed based on the supposed sexuality of these “straight” guys.
    I suppose we should get our facts about whether or not smoking causes cancer from cigarette companies and their experiences with tobacco? Because, heck, they obviously have the most authority on the subject, aren’t biased at ALL, and their product doesn’t rely on their marketability.
    The fact is plain and simple: straight men don’t willingly choose to have sex with other men.
    You can continue to consider them straight all you want (just as they can), but 99.99% of the rest of the world is going to disagree with you and them.
    No amount of your mental and sexual somersaults will ever change that.

  20. You’re right.
    That’s why Stephen Hawking obviously knows so little about black holes.

  21. Gay4pay=just a delusion closeted gay/bi men come up with to fool people into thinking that they are still “straight”
    Why do some members the gay community buy into this line of BS?

  22. Your points sound pretty legit. I think most of these stans delude themselves into their fantasy thinking 100% str8 men have sex with other men. Delusional. Notice I said 100%, because unlike you backward thinking sheep I don’t believe in people who engage in same-sex relations for any willing reason being 100% anything. I feel like humans are sexually fluid beings and to label someone as str8 when they’re clearly doing something contrary is very pathetic. These G4P men are all bisexual to SOME extent, some more “straight” than others yes But Bisexual nonetheless, whether they want to believe they’re 100% str8 or not. People can make themselves and others believe anything, even when it’s clearly bullshit

  23. Because many gays are intrinsically programmed into accepting straight men as “better” and therefore believe the bullshit SMH It’s annoying but very prevalent

  24. Oh my god. Out of all the comments here, yours are the most laughable. And it’s so sad that you type all these long responses without realizing that YOU CONTRADICT YOURSELF. i rest my case. There’s no point in arguing with a narrow minded person who has already made up his mind. Go ahead and reply once more, you’re only making yourself look even more pathetic and ignorant to all the people here who know better.

  25. What marcus meant was a lot of straight men can have sex with other men, and that’s clear enough to anyone with even a bit of intellect. My gosh, how low is your IQ that it has to be spelled out for you? He has valid points, and i can’t imagine how such valid points can’t get through that thick skull of yours.

  26. Men who are unable to get an erection without seeing a naked woman or without the aid of drugs are straight. What’s so hard to understand about that? I never said all guys in gay porn who say they are straight are really straight, but a number of guys in a
    gay porn are. Argument about this topic do not end because of people like you who refuse to accept the possibility that people in the other side of the debate may have a point, and the point i just made is absolute. Again, how can you call a man gay if he can never feel aroused without seeing a naked woman? And please, of course no straight guy would admit to having sex with a gay man. But based on my own personal experience it’s so easy to convince a guy to be blown in exchange for cash, especially the young naive ones. I’m sure once a guy has made that step it won’t take a lot more convincing if you shoved a lot more money in his face.
    All im saying is you should keep an open mind. I’m not generalizing, and you shouldn’t either.

  27. Just because i’m open minded i’m a gay for pay worshipper? Go back to preschool, apparently you haven’t even learned basic common sense.

  28. Open minded = hates openly gay people and denies bisexuality of “straight” men who fuck men?

  29. You realize you’re in the minority right?
    Almost everyone agrees with people like copper and liter and bigrawtop.
    Guys who defend gay4pay are a HUGE minority and pretty much no one agrees with you even in the world of gay porn.
    Step outside of gay porn and NOOOOOO ONE agrees with you. NOOOOOO one agrees that straight men have gay sex. You are in such a minority here that you are a walking, typing joke.
    Copper makes the most sense out of anyone here.

  30. Hate to break it to some of you fellows, but I’ve done photography & videography for gay companies & straight companies, from Falcon to Babes. Being gay or straight has zilch to do with the performer’s arousal level. Arousal is an issue with all porn shoots since you are pairing up two people who are seldom attracted to eachother. The rates of arousal are across the board. So are the climax rates. Arousal level is one of the biggest complications of producing porn. A man’s inability to get & remain erect when filming a scene with another man is not an indicator of his sexuality any more than a man’s inability to get & remain erect when filming a scene with a woman. Both occur all the time with the same regularity. Performance issues in gay porn that make it into the final product are more common & obvious because there are lower expectations for performers in gay porn. That’s really all it is. Straight companies expect top-notch performances/editing & care very little about the appearance of the male. Many gay companies care a lot about the appearance of the male & very little about performance. When you’ve spent time on both gay & straight shoots & seen the issues are always the same you learn dang quick that there’s little sex in making porn. It’s a lot of going through the motions. It’s long & tedious work. You fellows should also realize that practically noone in straight porn considers G4P legitimate. It’s near impossible for a fellow to cross over & even when he does the stigma follows him for the rest of his career. Ask Mike Vegas about that. I’m not saying it’s fair or right but that’s how it is. Straight porn is filled with guys who’ve declined numerous offers to do gay porn or off-camera prostitution. They’ve zero sympathy for guys who identify as straight but who do gay porn. G4P is lucrative marketing. Human sexuality is definitely complex & there are no absolutes. Just keep in mind that you’re being sold a product. Getting you fellows to bicker over stuff like this is good for business for them. Controversy over G4P has become more profitable than G4P itself these days. Both sides of the debate are feeding the machine. At the end of the day the performers go home & it doesn’t matter what their sexuality is unless you’re the one they’re going home to. It’s pointless to bicker over. If you’re going to bicker over anything, do it over the quality of the product. G4P porn is so bad because customers are too busy bickering over G4P itself instead of the fact that it’s so bad. If everyone started demanding a better product the entire battle would go away because you wouldn’t be able to tell who was supposed to be marketed as straight and who was supposed to be marketed as gay. Everyone would just be having quality sex. Demand a better product. Not more truth about the product. You’re never going to get the truth.

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