43 thoughts on “Jorgensen of Military Classified is now Aiden Miller of Gay Hoopla (tip @ Matt)

  1. whoever submitted this is a true porn expert lol. I thought Jorgensen was SOOO HOT on MC but I would have never recognized him here…with hair
    Koodos to Matt

  2. He’s cute and has a nice cock but GayHoopla is way to g4p for me and that word Hoopla is like something my grandma used to say.

  3. I agree!! I was so angry that Military Classified only did 2 scenes with him. I hope this site does more! I’m very excited about this post!!

  4. Just concluded viewing his GH-video…Very nice addition to this website and definitely adding his name to my fav-list, along with JJ Swift and ultra-cute- Chris Kohler.
    A tri-scene featuring: JJ, Chris and Aiden would truly make my day.
    Thanks Matt – for your “sharp-eye”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. He says his ultimate sexual fantasy is to get 4 girls pregnant at the same time… What a stupid comment (and boner killer).

  6. OMG, I’m as happy as a little sissy in a sea of dicks (just straight dicks though).

  7. Gayhoopla is one of my favorite sites, it seems just a bunch of straight guys playing all-male games, horsing around with their cocks. Really sexy, you can almost taste the real maleness. No false note, no fake ingredients. You have no fear that the muscular model will actually lisp in real life, which actually I had the misfortune of witnessing so you can imagine how I puked bigtime. Really disgusting, the most disgusting I’ve ever. All-male sex is best when no sign or sound of gayness to degrade the experience. (Ban gay models from gay porn, not only do they destroy the heat, but they really, really make me puke)

  8. Ban also the gay lisping interviewer in Seancody, etc, they destroy the experience. Imagine getting horny with a sexy naked straight guy then you hear this giggling lisping fairy in the background. YUck!!!

  9. It should surprise no one that the gay4pay haters do anything to further their cause of intolerance and hate. Denz please expose this “amdrew” and give us his real handle or ban him for undermining the credibility of this site.

  10. Denz: Do you really want to allow “straightguysonly” to continue to spew his anti gay venom on your site. I suspect he is actually a gay4pay hater, trying to satirize the position of those who like watching hot guys in gay porn, regardless of their sexual orientation. That doesn’t alter the fact that his anti gay comments are an vulgar insult to gay people.

  11. Yeah, it’s stupid name for their site seeing as how it’s neither GAY nor is there any HOOPLA surrounding them. It’s crawling with str8’s and no one but the str8-worshipping fangirls gives a shit.

  12. What the hell are you talking about? You’re andrew, and I’m amdrew. Different names you idiot. Just chill, and let’s worship straight stuff together.

  13. I agree TOTALLY. Get all of that icky gay shit out of gay porn. We shouldn’t even call it gay porn anymore. Let’s just call it Idontlikelabelsporn. Gay porn souns too, well…..gay.

  14. My position on comment moderation (right now, maybe it will change in the future) is to allow comments unless it contains personal information of the porn stars.
    I think it is best to ignore them and they will stop since no one is giving them the attention they want.

  15. U madd bro? Doesn’t feel too good does it? I notice on other threads, litper and others didn’t say shit to you, and you still attacked them. I want you to see how it feels (and I’m not litper).

  16. Well what is your position of andrew the asshole attempting to not allow people to speak their opinion about pornstars and attacking them when they’ve said nothing to him. Case in point the thread pasted below (will you be waiting for andrew to go away seeing as how litper ignore him after being attacked by him on the Tayte Hanson thread?):
    litper said…
    She must bottom or go away.
    Reply August 03, 2014 at 08:46 PM
    jim said in reply to litper…
    Will do the typical thing all models do…Hold out so that the ‘fans’ will want it – and then they can ask for more money to jump to another studio for the exclusive. Anyway, his fans are mostly fat women if you look at online media.
    Reply August 04, 2014 at 11:30 AM
    andrew said in reply to litper…
    “go away” Follow your own advice.
    Reply August 04, 2014 at 11:35 AM
    andrew said…
    My brain tells me to ignore you but my gut says to call you the asshole that you are. So STFU asshole.
    Reply August 03, 2014 at 10:38 PM

  17. Will you be waiting for andrew to go stop after he attacks other posters when they post what he doesn’t agree with? Check the Tayte Hanson thread and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  18. GH is filled with Straight Guy Testosterone. That should be their name.
    It’s the most homophobic site. Guys openly express their disgust for gay sex while straining to do it.
    Don’t bother. Just stand there, shut up, drop your pants, pose. That’s the only thing they do half descent.

  19. credibility of site? Really. They are the haters when they shame gay men, by shaming gay sex. Yes, we are intolerance of homophobia. Some of have integrity. I don’t eat at Chik-fil-A because of their homophobia and joined in the voices who spoke out against them. That’s not being a hater, that’s being protective and loyal to a community. Some people don’t get what community is all about.

  20. Don’t preach to me about gay community. I am an out and proud gay man who volunteers at an LGBT Center and am very involved in the gay community. I have never had sex with a straight man, nor do I desire to do so. I happen to like the great sex scenes I see on Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and Belamionline. I am little concerned about the actual sexual inclinations or orientations of the models. I just enjoy the hot sex scenes they produce. I speak out against the biased and hateful views of your’s, litper, amdrew, loki and straightguysonly because hate should never go unchallenged. I will continue to do so. Since I have your attention, answer the question: Does your name “bigrawtop” indicate that you are a gay man who doesn’t bottom? It seems to me that a real gay man would be versatile.

  21. Get it through your head: I don’t worship “straight stuff”. I like good gay porn. At some of the better Studios like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami they have models who are gay, straight and bi making great guy/guy sex scenes. I and a great many gay men, who watch gay porn, like them. That doesn’t make us STR8 Worshipers. We are just gay men who like to view good quality gay sex. No one forces you and the other gay4pay haters to watch it. So stop all the bitching about it.

  22. Wow. Dude has a nice dick. Plus, I had no idea the owner of Military Classified was still there. Man, he looks good after all this time.

  23. call it all-male sex, dude, like I mentioned. Gays should just be viewers but really, we should accept the fact many gays are actually disgusted with the PHYSICALITY of other gays. In the attempts of politicians to create this community so they can turn it into their captive source of support, they forgot homosexuals are those who love same-sex sex but it doesn’t necessarily mean all love sex with gay men. Personally, like all my friends and like most of gays in the last two thousand years, the idea of sex with a gay man revolts me.That’s a fact. Am I less than a man for that? No, it should just be accepted because it’s a fact of life, diversity of tastes

  24. You are one seriously twisted man. Get yourself to a good therapist who may be able to help you unravel your twisted mind.

  25. Just watched his 2 scenes at GH, and I think he could be a decent performer at a decent studio, but I kept noticing what I first thought was an odd tan pattern for his chest. Then, in the second part of his solo, when he’s jerking off in the bathroom, I wondered why he kept his shirt on. Then, at about the 19:35 mark, he lifts his shirt enough to reveal the bottom of a large tattoo on his upper chest. For the naked jerk-off & for his scene with Jason Keys, they’ve covered the tattoo up with make-up. (The area looks almost green in some of the scenes). Guess the tattoo didn’t fit the GH image. (I couldn’t make out the pattern from the brief glimpse.)

  26. Guigo
    I despair ! What exactly does your message mean .
    You have made it to the bottom of a page . And you have no idea what you read

  27. His real name. I’m trying to find informations about him since he disappeared.

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