27 thoughts on “Oliver VS Palmer VS Brandon Foster VS Sterling

  1. Palmer..most def. Brandon is a bit petite for my liking but more handsome than the CM counterpart.

  2. All four are hot. I would have to flip a coin to choose between Oliver and Brandon. Oliver is super cute and has a plump fury butt. Brandon has a beautiful face and his abs are insane.

  3. SC-OLIVER — definitely #1,… I will then have a dermatologist remove that mold on Palmer’s right cheek,..so I’ll be able to tag him as #2….as Brandon and Sterling doesn’t quite fit my preference for a College Jock type.

  4. Because only generic all-American middle-class white guys go to college? Maybe if you went to a college campus you might update your 1940’s preference.

  5. Hello-
    i would definitely choose Palmer of CF. first
    he’s the most all American boy next door in
    appearence. plus he has the nicest cockhead.:-)

  6. The. problem with Palmer for me is that with his apparent obsessively shaved body he looks prepubescent. He could pass for a well developed 12 year old. Absolute boner killer for me. It is a bit scary to me how nearly obsessed some of these young guys have become with this shaving the pubes, et al. Mother Nature knew what she was doing and did it for a reason and that is to enhance the effect of pheromones. “It’s not nice to fool (with) Mother Nature”.

  7. You win your righteous indignation on the internet merit badge for the day. Congrats.

  8. Of all the recent guys on Chaos Men (many very sexy indeed), to my surprise, Sterling was the hottest performer. I’ve seen the other three, like Oliver but man oh man, it is Sterling!

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