Rowan Pumps Quinn’s Hole by Alias74

Sheridan_sc_aka_rowan_cf_02 Sheridan_sc_aka_rowan_cf_03

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Corbin Fisher performer Rowan allegedly commented on a post on our brother blog “Men Of Porn”. Not coincidentally, Rowan is featured in this update which shows the cutie really coming along as performer. Debuting a new look (adding muscle from his lean and skinny days on Sean Cody and sporting lighter hair), Rowan looks better than ever – as if Cameron Marshall and Logan Vaughn had a baby together! I’ve always said that porn works best when it’s presented not only as fantasy but as if the viewer is present with the performers sharing an intimate experience. We get that in spades here, thanks primarily to the always rock hard and sex-hungry Quinn who sets the pace in the first half of the scene with his slow burn intensity. Rowan then spends the latter portion of the scene fucking the hell out of Quinn. This being Rowan’s second topping scene, he wields that delicious uncut cock formidably, slamming Quinn with varying speeds and taking the time to kiss and tease his scene partner in between. And while Rowan does need to take it to the next level in terms of his presence and aggressive-ness as a porn performer, this is good and hot, solid scene.



  • Here’s what I like about Rowan as a performer – He gives a GREAT porn performance: fucks like a pro, seems very attentive to his scene partner, and really gets into the proceedings (his purring, sensual, soft moaning is like a symphony). Plus not only does he have a great ass, but that uncut schlong of his is downright WORSHIP-ABLE!


  • SCENE MVP goes to Quinn though. How can it not? Quinn’s ability to hungrily devour and deep throat cock as well take a truckload of penis in his hole is what makes him steal the scene EVERY time (even if he overacts – we get some over the top moaning and eye rolling but hey! If you’re a bottom and you like it, clap your hands!)
  • The chemistry and connection is pretty good here – I’ll admit that some have criticized Rowan for not being emotional enough (see “Cons” section), but there is clearly a connection here – the boys are into each other (!)


  • First half of the scene is chock full of two minute unbroken takes that again give the appearance of seamless real time encounter – Check out 0:36 to 2:39 (the guys making out), 2:40 to 5:04 (hot oral of Quinn going down on Rowan), 5:16 to 8:04 (Rowan on Quinn) and 8:19 to 10:18 (the standing-reclining 69 combo, complete with some AWESOME deep throating action by Quinn as he massages DAT AZZ of Rowan’s).


  • First – the filmmakers should have continued the unbroken takes for the fucking portion; instead we get short lived takes and cross cutting between angles and shots, making it feel rushed, hurried and choppy when they should have let it play out in longer takes like the beginning half of the clip.
  • Second – As much as I do love Rowan – I think I would like to see him in a more aggressive posture as a top. Soft moaning and sensitivity is fine as a bottom (where Rowan excels) but I think he needs to ramp up his energy level and aggressiveness when he tops. Quinn dominates the scene, but all Rowan needs to do is channel a bit……more.


  • Rowan has some sun damage and uneven skin (gotta watch the sun, buddy!) and there are distracting white deodorant stains on his pits in various shots (go with a clear gel….PLEASE!)
  • Bad shaky camera work in the beginning of the clip
  • Rowan doesn’t cum from fucking Quinn’s (loose?) hole…rather he announces in typical porn fashion he’s cumming and then there is a dissolve edit to him jacking to a splashy ending.


  • Minute 6:32 DAT AZZ! Love this quick glimpse of Rowan’s cute butt as he leans over to kiss Quinn before starting the oral on Quinn.
  • 8:25 and beyond – that standing 69 was pretty boss!


  • 17:20 As usual, Quinn the pro is able to blow his sauce while getting rammed! And its a sweet creamy finish.