The one ball of Tayte Hanson

I only found out about it due to Dakota's comment on this post. Tayte Hanson had testicular cancer and now has 1 ball because of it, according to Cocky Boys "As some have observed (and even joked) on blogs, Tayte has "one ball" having fought testicular cancer. He wears copious amounts of sunscreen as a result, and that may account for his lily-white skin, smooth as Michelangelo's David!."


I think there is a conscious effort from Cocky Boys to limit the showing of the 1 ball in Tayte's photos.



It wasn't my intention to offend Tayte, which I did and I apologize for it. I just thought of making a post about it and him doing porn meant it was not an issue since he was proud showing it.



61 thoughts on “The one ball of Tayte Hanson

  1. The original post and headline were crassly handled, to the point where it wasn’t clear whether it was meant in mockery. The blogger apologized for what appears to be unintended offense. Fair enough.
    More disturbing here are the comments regarding female fans. You may or may not feel some overreacted in defense of the performer, but so what? Plenty of you guys do the same when it’s your favorite you perceive as being insulted.
    Those of you judging women for liking gay porn should be ashamed of your misogyny. It will be a cold day in hell before any man gets to have a say in what I as a woman like. Stop acting like the entitled straight white males who think your preferences are icky and that you should stop having them.
    I just spent the morning arguing with two of them in favor of your right to be who you are. I’ll thank you to shut the fuck up when it comes to deciding who I as a woman get to be, and what I’m permitted by you to enjoy. It’s pretty sad when people who are targets of bigots are bigots themselves.

  2. I don’t assume that porn performers are defenseless children. They can account for their own problems and defend themselves like the adults they are.
    You are not the victor or in the right here. You are some random stranger online who clearly doesn’t have a boyfriend or life. Get one.

  3. Here’s the correct way to make a sincere apology: “I should not have done what I did; please forgive me.” That’s it! When you follow up an “apology” with some lame-ass excuse (as you have done), it no longer is an apology–it becomes your justification for bad behavior.
    Become a better human being by learning this…

  4. Is there cancer in your family, Andrew? Perhaps some child molestation, drug addiction, or any other number of private matters? If so, please share. Many of us bloggers would love to post about it.
    Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s easy to not see how others could be hurt by words when you’re an anonymous troll. Troll on, my friend.

  5. Says the wise man with the handle “fukdisbitch.” Oh, how I would love to have your life. And BTW, even dumb punk-asses nowadays don’t use the expression “get a life” (paraphrasing). What are you, like, 55 fuckin-years-old???

  6. As a matter of fact two close relatives of mine have had cancer. One lost the battle and one beat the cancer and lives on. There is no shame in having cancer and certainly no shame in beating it. You have a warped sense of shame to lump cancer and child molestation in the same category. The cancer survivors that I know and others that I have read about are proud to tell of their struggle and victory over this far too often deadly disease. I am certainly not a troll and nor am I your friend.

  7. Your comments about this post and what it said is so sensationalized and warped as to be beyond comprehension.

  8. Wow, what an incredibly non-important issue to debate….who the fuck cares? There are people dying of cancer right now. Would this level of passion not be better served helping them? Or anyone or anything more threatened than a person’s feelings? Over a private issue shared publicly? From half a decade ago?

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