Jared Wells aka Samuel is now known as Dusty of Chaos Men

This was the look of Samuel at Straight Fraternity and as Jared Wells at Gemini Men when I made a post about him in 2011.

Samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_01 Samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_02
Samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_03 Samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_04 

(It’s weird that Gemini Men listed his videos from 2012 to 2013 considering my post on him was in 2011 – recycling content?)

Jared was also Levi at Spunk Worthy where he had three scenes released in 2011.


He was quite experienced in gay porn.

Samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_05 Samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_06

And, he is now known as Dusty at Chaos Men.

Samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_08 Samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_09

Straight Fraternity vs. Chaos Men

THENNOW_samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_01 THENNOW_samuel_aka_jared_wells_aka_dusty_of_chaosmen_02