7 thoughts on “Chavi Lopes VS Andy Sheckler VS Kevin Long VS Blake B

  1. @andrew – I agree, Andy Sheckler is very hot, but he is at GayHoopla, which either has straight men/women directing scenes or their head are up their butts!!! I just don’t get it – they have some of the HOTTEST new guys on the scene but they have no idea of how to showcase them in their duo scenes. The strange thing is that while I normally hate solos cuz their are so boring, GH does seem to be able to film them ok. Regardless, I have to go with the Euro guy from WH – Chavi Lopes (although I wish he wasn’t shaved smooth like a 12 year old!)

  2. I too,… voted ANDY SHECKLER as Best. With a name like Sheckler,…how could I not?? LOL!!
    Andy got a super body, nice face and smile and keeping it natural in the Pits and Pub zone.
    GayHoopla been recruiting some HOT STUDS these past few months. “THUMBS UP” to their Recruiter. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    PS: GH’s- Chris Kohler is till hard to beat in the LOOKS CATEGORY.

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