Christian Wilde in a foot fetish scene with pregnant wife (tip @ Gayporn123)

Christian Wilde is mostly known for his gay porn work. But, he is married to a female porn star named Bella Wilde. Last July 2014, the two shot a scene [gallery] where Bella was 8 months pregnant.


Doing the math, Christian is now a dad.

52 thoughts on “Christian Wilde in a foot fetish scene with pregnant wife (tip @ Gayporn123)

  1. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
    -Albert Einstein-
    Time to get help for that tertiary syphilis Pascal. How many times are you going to cut and paste the same thing over and over again?
    Not everyone is a creepy fangurl Pascal like you are, and some of us know how shitty the industry can be and how it treats their talent and don’t sugarcoat things. You have some obvious boundary and impulse issues pumpkin, whether it’s online or in your personal life. Perhaps that’s why you are so unhealthily involved in proving your non existent point, and defending using an unborn kid as a sex fetish. In the real world and in porn there are some things that do cross the line. The sooner you wash the cool ranch Dorito dust off your microscopic cock and get out in the real world, the sooner you will find that out.
    5 days too dig this up? Or did it take you that long to come up with something that trite and unclever?

  2. Awww, Estelle, reduced to only using insults now? I’m almost all funned out.
    Good for you that Zachary Sire used that Einstein quote on his SUGP blog last week cause I’m not sure you could have come up it on your own, you big intellectual you.
    How do I know you got it there? Because some “fangurl” named Estelle has posted over 120 comments on it since the blog’s start at the beginning of the year. Me? A measly 40+. Yep, Disqus’s a bitch that way.
    You really don’t get out much, do you Estelle? But project on others that you do.
    For the last time: as Denz titled his post, this was a foot fetish scene with a pregnant woman. No kids were visible at any time. If you were that outraged by it, you’d request that Denz’d change the headline, wouldn’t you? You’re on here often enough, hating on porn performers.
    Since this is porn we’re discussing (well me, I’m trying to, you’re too busy quoting other porn blogs), I’m certain some unsavory things happen behind the scenes. You don’t have to keep repeating it time and again (who’s doing what now?) over an innocuous foot fetish scene. Please find a worthier target of your self-hate.
    So let’s see how many days(?)/hours(?)/minutes(!) it takes you to answer this one…
    P.S.: Highlighting that I don’t come visit this post near as often as you is not helping you make your made-up ‘point’, you know.

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