8 thoughts on “Jake Bass is no longer working for Cocky Boys (tip @ Gayporn123)

  1. Not really sorry to see him go, I was finally getting used to that hideous flower tat on his neck, when he went and got his hands and fingers all tatted up too. Honestly, it was just so distracting that I could barely watch his scenes. In one of the last scenes I tried to watch, I noticed he had numerous cuts on thigh, so may be he needs to take some time out of the “spot light” and take care of himself.

  2. I don’t see how bottoms–bottom. I love bottoms because without them I just wouldn’t be happy but some of these porn pics make it seem so painful, im sure hes enjoying it but just how bad could it hurt.

  3. I don’t like hipsters: their appearance, personalities, clothing, attitudes… everything about their existence is unappealing to me. Good riddance?

  4. With less tattoos, he would be a beautiful boy. He just looks like walking graffiti. Is he a Bansky project?

  5. LOL! Do you also tell the kids to get off your lawn and turn down that hippity-hop music? LOL! Always loved Bass. Wish him the best.

  6. Def wont miss him .. I haven’t missed George .. er.. Max Ryder either. I like the earlier post too .. walking graffiti ..UGH ..

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