Jean-Daniel Chagall has been doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free this 2014

The latest condom free scene at Belami Online is the second part of the bareback threesome scene of Kris Evans that included Jean Daniel Chagall, who started working for the studio in 2009.

Jean_daniel_chagall_belami_live_flirt4free_01 Jean_daniel_chagall_belami_live_flirt4free_02 

A few hours ago, Jean Daniel was online at Flirt 4 Free


He has been doing live cam shows since June 2014. He is now 30 years of age and considers himself as bisexual.


Is this proof that he is out of Belami Online? But, don't worry, George Duroy has a habit of amassing a number of scenes of its stars so you won't feel they left Belami Online even if you reached 100 years old 🙂

10 thoughts on “Jean-Daniel Chagall has been doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free this 2014

  1. He’s 30? I thought he was younger than that. Seems like a lot of the BA boys are around my age: Jean-Daniel, Alex Orioli, Josh Elliott, Sascha Chaykin and Brandon Manilow

  2. @Terry – my thought exactly – 30!!!!???? Wow, porn does a body good, it seems! I definitely thought he was younger! Regardless, he is one of the better performers at BA.

  3. Based on the styling of the room I guess he’s still employed by BelAmi. I think that after their active porn career BA asks some of their models to do chat sessions. Problem is that many BA models don’t speak English very well so their appeal for a lot of potential customers is limited.

  4. i found some facts that most gay porn models who identified as bisexual are straight in real life and gay porn model who identified as gay actually bi in real life ?

  5. It’s all a question of marketing and your target audience. Saying you’re gay takes you off the straight market (porn and IRL), saying you’re bi makes you damaged goods on both sides of the fence and saying you’re straight either gets you a golden ticket or on the black list.
    Just keep an eye on personal interviews, Tweets and candid BTS and don’t go by what the marketing division wants you to think, e.g. don’t believe the write-ups or on-site profiles.

  6. The place they’re in is a Bel Ami owned one. Another boy who has no Bel Ami scenes(at least for now) but has worked for WH was also doing cam session in the same place.
    Besides Jean, the other Bel Ami boys are Alex Orioli, Sascha Chaykin, Dario Dolce and Manuel Rios. In fact, Alex just had a session just now. He was very generous but only two or three members were tipping him, unfortunately.

  7. Try :
    *not sun bathing
    *drinking lots of water
    *no smoking
    *a good night’s sleep
    *having fun
    *cutting down on coffee alcoholic drinks and junk, oily, salty, sugary, fried food.

  8. Jean was asked about his sexual orientation. He said he was bisexual.
    I asked him whether he had sex before he did porn, he said he did sucking with a guy. So yeah he did have sex before doing Bel Ami.

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