Liam Harkmoore shot dead and buried with 3 others (tip @ Gayporn123)

No need to worry. It was only a role he played in the season premiere of Sons's of Anarchy. I haven't watched the entire episode. But, men entered the house where Liam Hankmore was in a bisexual threesome.


The three were shot dead including the man watching them have sex.


And, they were all buried together.


Liam Hankmoore also shared on twitter a few behind the scenes photos of him on the set of Son's of Anarchy.

Sonsofanarchy_liamhankmore_003 Sonsofanarchy_liamhankmore_004

FYI Liam is one of the few porn star who can suck the head of his own cock.

Sonsofanarchy_liamhankmore_005 Sonsofanarchy_liamhankmore_006

8 thoughts on “Liam Harkmoore shot dead and buried with 3 others (tip @ Gayporn123)

  1. Very happy for Liam. I know he’s a trained actor and done a few dinner theatre-type plays, but this is really a breakthrough. Don’t know how his escorting will affect getting more mainstream work – but if anyone can do it, it’s him. (Also cool that he’s dating Dean Monroe for the past month or so.)

  2. I didn’t know he was dating Dean Monroe. Nice to see Liam in mainstream stuff. Shame that I don’t really watch SoA.

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