Porter works for both Sean Cody and Andrew Christian (tip @ Robert)

It was posted by QMN recently that Porter was the new face of Andrew Christian.


Last week, Sean Cody released his scene with Oliver.

Porter_seancody_action_01 Porter_seancody_action_02

It seemed like he was working for both companies. He is. According to his Star Now profile "I work with Andrew Christian Underwear out of Los Angeles I also am contracted with Cody Media out of San Diego."

Porter_seancody_model_01 Porter_seancody_model_02 

FYI Porter also shared a clip on You Tube (2013) where that dammed scar on his chin made him admit he was bisexual 🙂

Porter as Jacob for Andrew Christian on Facebook

23 thoughts on “Porter works for both Sean Cody and Andrew Christian (tip @ Robert)

  1. He looks fruitier in the modeling pics than he does in the ones with a dick in his ass.
    Can’t they make him wear something dapper?

  2. I never noticed his scar. I also never noticed he was attracted to women — so he can pardon me if my surprise regards opposite sex attraction.
    Nonetheless, I found the video endearing. He seems like a nice guy. And for some reason, it was hot watching him drive a truck. He definitely seemed more masculine there than in his Sean Cody videos.

  3. Same here. They way he talked about it in his solo debut, I was certain he was gay and probably just dated a girl here or there but was totally into dudes. Go figure.

  4. Porter has been one of the mainstay, dependable and always hot to watch performers on Sean Cody. They would literally be incredibly dumb to let this one go, but as they are very contract minded and Jacob is onto bigger and better things (including boys) I’m happy to see him successful and wish him the best of luck in life and love!
    One strange thing: His clips on SC are always short and heavily edited. Clearly he’s a great performer and can keep it up and take dick….so why are his clips edited and of a duration normally reserved for a gay for pay performer that needs straight porn to keep hard and get through? Just a question….

  5. What’s different about outing a model in this case? I guess he mentioned Cody Media so it’s less of a secret.
    Also, for those who say these guys don’t have a contract, here is another example–from the words of the contracted.

  6. Pretty sure, “Porter” is “bi-sexual” in the same way that Tom Daley was “bi-sexual.” This looks video looks to have been done some time before his SC work (and certainly well before the SC videos were released) and is probably an attempt to clear the air before people in his immediate circle, in which he is closeted, started gossiping. I can’t imagine he has much of a YT following, so why the need for a Real World-style confessional in your car?

  7. he’s NOT str8….he’s a confused addict trying to get his act together and accept himself.

  8. I don’t think it is outing the model. Like you said, he did mention he worked for Cody Media. Andrew Christian is known for hiring gay porn stars and is often talked about in gay porn blogs.
    I think his new name is used for porn related stuffs since he can’t use Porter.

  9. hahahaha He is str8 like most andrew christian boys , how can you talk so many shit , all andrew christian boys are queens without body hair , I mean you can see haow gays they are , for example you think than Topher dimaggio , Pablo Hernandez , Murray swanby or Steve dehler are str8..Good jock men!

  10. Porter is Gay he has to portray this straight image for his work buy my guy is fully gay and thank god for that good on him for furthering his career outside sean cody.

  11. Maybe he has issues keeping an erection? As many models note, erections are just fucking impossible to rely upon. The penis is very prone to yelling “psych!” at weird moments.
    In that same line, maybe he cums quickly? It would not be the first time that a man who enjoys bottoming and may not do it a terrible amount in his private life will be eternally three thrusts from blowing his load.

  12. Jacob probably has a better grasp on his sexuality than anyone who assumes that he/she knows “what he’s trying to hide”. Mannerisms really don’t mean much, and the idea that something as complex as sexuality can be picked up from simple observation is….suspect to say the least.

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