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OVERALL IMPRESSION: I think the biggest surprise here is the fact that the owner and namesake of an international gay porn studio (that's MR. Michael Lucas to you!) allowed the release of such a lackluster bareback scene that he performed in himself. Don't get me wrong: there are moments here where Michael Lucas (referred to herein after as "ML") – he of the impossibly smooth and almost vampirically young face, hot bod, and legendary uncut weapon of ass destruction – really turns up the juice, going to town on Lucas Knight's delicious booty and enviable huge dong (which for the most part doesn't really get super rock hard until the end). But the chemistry is just not there! Despite some hot splashes of kink, the awkward kissing, periodic stilted robotic fucking, odd camera-work and choices in editing (this beast of a clip runs 38 patience-straining minutes) give this scene a real "paint by numbers" feel with the admittedly HOT performers seemingly just going through the (porn) motions.


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  • Having just recently joined Lucas Entertainment as a subscriber (and not having seen a Lucas clip in FOREVER), I love that this clip is chock full of great close up penetration shots. Thankfully the camera knows when to pan and zoom and when to sit static at the right times (I'm looking at your swooping cameras, SEAN CODY!)
  • SCENE MVP goes to Lucas Knight – While I'm not too familiar with his work, I like his look, I like his kink-ability, I dig his butt-stuff-ability….and DAT AZZ!!!!! Plus it helps he's hung….big time!
  • Best sex positions? Things REALLY cook in the Cowboy portions of the fucking (Lucas can really bounce and ML certainly LOVES spreading that ass and fucking up into him hard) and my favorite: the Crab Position (which also seems to be a favored, hole-wrecking choice for ML as well).
  • Gapes and drippy holes, OH MY!!!!! At various points in the fucking, we get treated to the sight of Lucas’ winking and gaping hole, as well as lube and saliva dripping off and out of that warm and sweet fuckhole.
  • Snowballing fans rejoice – the video closes with one wet, voluminous snowball between the two performers albeit brief.



  • Too much shakiness in the camera shots in the opening
  • Again, this clip could have done with some judicious editing – it's 38 minute running time could have been cropped to maximize the momentum and "fly on the wall"/real time feel of the encounter. I found myself watching the clock in the oral and rimming section and wanting the clip to move on towards the tail end of the Cowboy portion.
  • Someone tell the camera operator (or at least get multiples in the room) that when action starts to happen – GET COVERAGE!!!! At several points in the clip, action is occurring either out of frame or blocked by the bodies, once the action becomes obvious to the viewer, the camera should try to cover but instead, the camera doesn’t pan or even move to catch the action.
  • Awkward, awkward kissing: at times when the dudes are kissing, it literally looks like they are just placing their lips on each others’ lips. Really weird and dispassionate (contrast this with the close ups where ML is literally tongue fucking Lucas’ mouth. Jarring!)
  • What’s up with that Quarter Dick action? Maybe it's because I don't have an uncut cock, but through 85% of the clip, only about a quarter of ML’s cock seems to get servicing whether it's oral (I kept waiting for a deep throat that NEVER happened) or getting stuffed into Lucas' mancave (it isn't until the end that Lucas even tries any balls deep action and at that it’s like halfway). I know for DAMN SURE ML can be aggressive and take charge, and there was none of that here! which leads me to my next con…
  • Lack. Of. Chemistry.
  • WTF? At 13:01 ML pauses and appears to be meticulously picking something….hair, lint, fecal matter, dried lube, dust balls…SOMETHING out of Lucas' crack. Creepy.
  • During the first fucking portion, the audio goes a little bit wonky and out of sync. (also when I stream Lucas clips, the audio always seems to cut out halfway through the clip, leading to a series of Lucy inspired reload, fast foward, reload, scream and make face moments. hrrrrrmmmmmm)



  • Minute 23:56: *swoon* As ML is fucking Lucas cowboy, we get to see lube drip straight out of Lucas' hole and stream down the length of ML's cock.
  • GO, ML! At minute 26:17, ML, while fucking that sweet ass, pulls Lucas’ cheeks apart and fucks up into him while fingering around the hole and teasing the shaft of his own cock with his fingers.
  • GAPE ALERT! 29:10 and beyond we get some frame worthy shots of Lucas' gaping and winking hole.
  • Splash zone – Lucas' cum shot is a supersoaker of a biggie: I counted 12 huge sprays everywhere…and I mean everywhere. They shoot at least 2 feet or more. Just. WOW.

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17 thoughts on “REVIEW on Michael Lucas Fucks Lucas Knight Raw by Alias74

  1. “Awkward, awkward kissing: at times when the dudes are kissing, it literally looks like they are just placing their lips on each others’ lips. Really weird and dispassionate…”
    “Lack. Of. Chemistry.”
    That’s what comes of using GAY-FOR-PAY performers.
    (I am aware that Knight claims to be some sort of “bi-sexual.” But again, he, Sebastian Young and many others are using that label to avoid the backlash from being gay-for-pay.)

  2. Loki, with all due respect, anyone who thinks Lukas Knight is not gay gay gay isn’t paying attention. He SCREAMS gayboy (and by the way, that’s a good thing–I personally find him hot). I don’t care what he “says”…he’s indicated he’s a professional dancer and he couldn’t seem to be any more gay than he comes across as. I don’t have a Lucas membership (and have never been tempted to buy one either) and haven’t seen this scene, but the Lucas scenes I’ve seen streamed have struck me more as lackluster and mechanical than anything genuine. I have no idea what’s going on over there, but based on what I’m reading and what little I’ve seen, what’s NOT going on is quality product.
    It’s been reported that Lucas’ studio is having financial challenges. Financial difficulties in any business are going to certainly feed directly back into the quality of product that gets produced, and it’s illogical to think it would be otherwise.

  3. Anything with Michael Lucas is an instant fail and anything produced by Lucas Entertainment get an instant 4 point deduction. Say no to fake cum and fake penetration.

  4. Well, since you seem to know much more about him, I’ll defer to your opinion. I am aware of his work at NDS and… well, that’s pretty much it. I saw a trailer for a PeterFever scene he did and yeah, there’s a little… “something” in the voice. But str8 gays who hang around a majority of (wealthy, older, effeminate) gay guys, as kept-boys/escorts, can start picking up “the voice” and mannerisms after a while.
    His performances have always left something to be desired. And his dick, while indeed BIG, doesn’t get up to more than half mast most of the time.

  5. That faked penetration was entirely due to Sebastian Young’s inability to keep it (GAY-FOR-PAY strikes again!).
    In the scene between Cam Christou and LE’s new resident pass-around bottom Brent Alex and there’s a sequence which is basically a long protracted insertion shot. Christou kept sticking his dick in and out, lube and “ass juices” were flowing out, there was sounds of “Tupperware burping” (if you catch my meaning)… going by this review, it sounds like something similar happened in this scene.

  6. Oi:
    Is there something about Michael Lucas I don’t get. All reviews seem to be hating on him. They talk about barebacking but ignore the bb with Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody. Did you meet him an he didn’t like your shoes or what?

  7. I just watched this scene last nite …BOOORING .. (until ML finally got hard) I lost interest early on .. but got off eventually ..
    (wheretf is Jed Athens !?)

  8. You’re not the only one who thought this scene was a snoozer. I have to admit I am not that into ML I just don’t find him all that hot. But I like the guy he fucks in this one but together they created nothing but a boring scene of let’s get this over and done with sex
    I feel like ML should just retire from doing on screen and let his stable of stars and the new guys he brings on handle the on screen stuff.

  9. Not every scene has stuff faked there are some hot bareback scenes that contain all real sex, penetration, and cum. So you can’t just blanket everything because it’s Lucas and he has done some faking in some scenes, if you do you are gonna miss out on some hot fucking.

  10. Saw this scene last night as well, and I agree–incredibly BORING. Some parts went on for far too long–I even downloaded it and set the speed to 2X and it was still too long.

  11. Right on, Seaguy! I am aware that studios fake the glossy shots with cum and such but it’s hard to fake that while the cameras are rolling.
    Do I think they may overstuff the butts with lube to GET the drippy effect….probably. But any bottom worth their salt knows that if you are sitting on big equipment, you gotta lube up in there (and that usually means a syringe to inject lube which will ultimately come spilling out).
    I for one give every scene, every clip, every performer the benefit of the doubt. And if you note in my review, this is the first time I’ve subcribed to and seen and studied a Lucas Entertainment clip in YEARS!

  12. Couldn’t care less about Michael Lucas, but who’s that hottie getting gangbanged on that join now banner?

  13. I think ML is singled out for criticism about barebacking because for so long he was vociferously self righteous about not doing bareback. He then apparently saw the light (clearly for financial reasons since his company was going through and is going through some fiscal difficulties) and decided virtually overnight tha barebacking was OK. Hypocrisy makes a great target.

  14. Thanks,
    I really did want to know what the deal was. Thought there might be something personal between studios and blogs that I didn’t know about. Once again, thanks.

  15. Neither Michael Lucas nor Lucas Knight are hot, so I wasn’t interested regardless. But looks like I’m not the only one who feels that way.
    Lucas Entertainment’s bareback scenes are great a lot of the time though.

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