18 thoughts on “Two former Sean Cody models paired at Men

  1. I’ve actually spoken to Jarec recently…’not a very nice guy. I know that a lot of pornstars are screwed-up, but a lot of them are at least civil and a bit of fun. He’s just dismissive and…yeah, unpleasant.

  2. I’ve been told by other models, when mentioned the likelihood of becoming a male model, Jarec’s response would be, “have you seen my face!”
    He isn’t interested in dudes for play. He wants to pretend he is modeling. He also has a girlfriend, who knows he does porn.
    So any guy walking up to him, thinking they have a shot, will be in for a shock.
    Usually, guys like that would get under my skin too, but clearly their in denial about who they are and their actual job profession is. All I have to do to prove this is watch him at Sean Cody get cock stuffed in all orifices, ending with cum up his ass.
    Yes indeed, it is clear this guy is modeling and dating material. lmao

  3. Lol. I remember the first shoot, he was a twinkish cute guy, then after a few shoots, he gets blonder(orange) hair.
    You can slowly see the progression of ego as he continues in each scene at SC.

  4. It is amazing the amount of casting sean cody does for other companies. Their lazy asses should pay him.

  5. Never cared for Ricky Decker. He’s well hot and great body etc but a wooden performer ( no pun intended ) jerec ‘ s a big turn. On

  6. Just curious. In what context were you speaking to Jarec? Everyone who says they have come into contact with him universally describe him as a self involved douche. Sad really. But we are talking about the 2 most narcissistic industries there are, i.e. entertainment and porn. He is still hot though. He can’t be too bright if he has convinced himself that he is just modeling. I wonder how he describes it to friends and family.

  7. All you do is make hateful comments. You make no honest contribution to the dialogue here. Why do you have so much hate for women and straight men? People like you are an embarrassment to the gay community. You are pathetic.

  8. Jarek’s last scene at SC was with the beautiful muscular Stu and it was great. Jarek really gave it all up to Stu. The kissing in the beginning was hot, then Jarek rimmed Stu and then Stu shot a load in Jarek’s butt. After some weight lifting, Jarek blew Stu and got a facial as his reward. It wasn’t the usual top man Jarek, he was Stu’s “bitch” in this scene. It was smokin hot.

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