26 thoughts on “Will you be watching? Jimmy Johnson’s first time as a bottom

  1. I’ve always loved Jimmy. He has this nextdoor hot blue collar appeal. He is the hot guy that fixes your car, or paints your house, the guy you can stare at for hours while he is working shirtless in the garden (yes I am aware I sound like lady chatterley). And to see that macho guy taking a dick in the ass is what my dreams are made of. Now for my next Christmas wish if you please, I demand to see him used and abused bareback with his mouth and hole ending dripping with cum.

  2. I like both Jimmy and Colby, but I wish the top would be someone with bigger and harder cock like Paddy or Christian Wilde. Please no Topher Di.
    The scene has no chemistry. Colby sweat a lot, probably worry about his soft cock and dead pan scene partner.
    Anyway, I’m glad to finally see Jimmy’s nice ass fucked.
    Btw, I guess this was filmed before he moved to Active Duty.

  3. Just concluded watching this clip…. Good Partnership and Chemistry with Colby Jensen. … and … it’s always nice to see a PORN-STAR coming full circle “Bottoming”. (especially Topher DiMaggio and Paddy O’Brian who popped their cherry @ Men.com)
    Have A Nice Weekend – Guys!! 🙂 🙂

  4. YES!!!! I’ve always thought Jimmy Johnson was wicked, wicked, wicked hot. He reminds me so much of all the hot arrogant jocks I went to high school with. Happy birthday to me!!!!!

  5. Jimmy Johnson is in the top 5% of BORING gay performers out there. Cute or not, either perform for guys watching you like you mean it, or get on with your straight life, there are plenty of other cute, buff guys who CAN act who can take your place.

  6. I agree. The chemistry was off the charts! It was like “Hey, dude” and “Yeah, dude” and “Hey, man” and “Yeah, man.” I just wish they didn’t edit out the part where they both fell asleep in the middle of the scene. Maybe it’ll be in behind-the-scenes.

  7. Thanks but no thanks, Jimmy has always been a passionless top, not expecting him to improve his performance while taking dick! My dick is as limp as Jimmy’s is in all these images!!!

  8. LMAO !!!! Love, love, love this response.
    Why people find white trash, G4P guys who have zero looks, limp dicks and lackadaisical performance is always a mystery to me.
    I, for one, have no interest in whatsoever in Jimmy trash. Colby is a bit of a redeeming factor, but that awful beard has to go ! And Colby needs to start bottoming on a regular basis if he has to hold my interest.

  9. Enlighten me please: MEN.com releases scene after scene which almost nobody seems to like. How do they keep their business afloat? Is it because MEN.com is part of a porn conglomerate and is kept going by the earnings of its straight porn branch?

  10. I don’t the appeal of Jimmy Johnson past his face TBH. His body is basic, his ass is basic (I’m not deluded into thinking he has a “bubble butt” are some of you people blind?) and his performance is beyond lackluster and dreadful. Gay porn fans need to stop having damn low standards for gay porn or it will never get better, a guy being “hot” should not be enough!!!

  11. Jace well said Mate. Its like oh as long as the performer is ‘straight’ we will acept any old shit.

  12. Saw the scene and was not disappointed at all in the lack of chemistry and porn-by-the-numbers direction. As usual, Colby had a piece of rope for dick. How does this guy get any porn work. He is not even hot as a daddy (and yes, I saw the whole Dad’s club series at men.com) and yest, he somehow manages to get porn work. He is a rugby player with a noodle dick. Now for Mr. Johnson. His best work was at BSB and the reason for that was the director and his costars. I like the trashy twinks/twunks at BSB and Jimmy fucked a lot of cute ones. At men.com, his topping was standard. Never too hard, never too soft. He sorta tried to get into man sex but obviously the director never pushed him too hard or their editing was horrendous. This scene was no exception. Men.com has jumped the shark with this scene. The buildup was intense for such a weak offering. Jimmy has a wonderful body and limp dick or not, he needed someone to ram his hole a la Johnny Rapid and Rafeael in the Prison Shower series.

  13. It would be interesting to know how much of their revenue is from first-time (one-time?) subscribers vs. repeat/continuous. The trailers are usually better than the full scenes.
    I typically join a site for 1 month (sometimes 3, if there’s a good deal & I plan to download a lot), but there’s only a few I come back to on a regular basis. (MEN isn’t one of them.)

  14. Personally I’m glad to see Jimmy bottoming. I’ve always thought of him as attractive, and was surprised by his profile stating he’s versatile. Possibly he’s versatile in real life, you never know. I would love to see him get banged more, possibly by several guys. It would really be hot.

  15. Yes. Although Johnny is not one of my favorites, he has improved since his early days at BSB. I like most of the scenes produced by Men.com. I also like that they are sticking with condom use. Safer is better.

  16. I don’t know about you…..but I love the EXTRA WEBBING under his cock in that first pic of this post.

  17. I saw the entire scene now and I have to say that I really liked it. I always wanted to see Jimmy get fucked, and despite his statement that he didn’t think he’d do it again, I think he kind of enjoyed it. If this was in fact his first time getting fucked, he took it really well. I have to agree with the others, tho, I would like to see him take a bigger, harder dick. I did like the point where he started riding Colby’s dick, and I would have liked to see him cum while he was getting fucked. Let’s encourage Jimmy to try it again, maybe even with a couple of guys.

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