12 thoughts on “Zane of Corbin Fisher is now known as Ace Stone (tip @ Yeremia)

  1. Ace Stone? Give me a break. He’s such a girl.
    And who is the top? That doesn’t look like the nasty Tyler what’s his name.

  2. Fuck ! He is looks so HOT getting his hole filled.
    And that comment “pile-drive me baby” made my dick rock hard.

  3. Thanks…Yeremia for the “Sharp Eye”!!…. Once a Corbie, always a CF Stud,…and too bad he left Las Vegas.
    Zane did a good performance bottoming for Kent and Kellan @ CF…. I will presume he didn’t want to bet his ASS pounded any more at ACM. 🙁 🙁

  4. Love the first pic. Love when the bottom can achieve and maintain an erection in that position.
    Who is the top? please?

  5. So did CF feel it had to choose between Colt and Zane or what? I really thought Zane was gonna be their next superstar. The gods know he made my dick twitch something fierce. If he’s out at CF, color me sad.

  6. I agree! It was a hard scene to watch! He didnt even get that hard with her to be honest! (well he seemed like he had trouble). Hell he had to be fucked with a dildo in the end of it to cum! Speaks volumes really!
    Hopefully Helix, Chaosmen or Next Door will pick him up!

  7. UPDATE: Just watched Zanes first scene with CF, I cant believe they got him to lie and say his is Bi, and that he likes blond girls with nice legs! Seriously that place is a doss house!

  8. Your fudging funny Ace stone is not a girl maybe if you know him , you rethink that !

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