19 thoughts on “Alan Carly is also known as Sam Williams at Staxus (tip @ Mike)

  1. Possibly but not likely. The overwhelming majority of the performers at William Higgins and Bel Ami are G4P or “buysexual” if you will.

  2. Can’t be 100 percent sure since he doesn’t have a lot of identifying birth marks, but I’m pretty sure he’s the same guy doing straight porn in Barcelona, Spain for the Cumlouder.com site.

  3. He is listed TWICE on Bad Puppy; once as Alan Carly and again as Patrik Hruby. Weird. See for yourself:
    Val Horner & Patrik Hruby
    Alan Carly & Marek Prohodil

  4. One of Staxus scenes he’s in, there’s a smile that comes across his face that to me can’t be acted. He was enjoying it, at least for a moment.

  5. with Ivan Mraz in Close Cut. I think he’s totally hot for Ivan. Watch the scene.

  6. He can’t be str8. He deep throated so well in recent williamhiggins scene. No str8 guy can do it well.

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