Cafe Cafig left Broke Straight Boys for Dallas Reeves (tips @ DK & Oz)

Cage Cafig shared his dissapointment with Broke Straight Boys on social media last February 2014.


He is now working with Dallas Reeves. His first scene [gallery] was released by its sister site Wank This, where he was paired with Mishka Voxx. And, he is part of the Halloween foursome by Dallas Reeves to be released this coming Friday.


Vadim Black left Broke Straight Boys for Dallas Reeves but came back because of his bad experience with Dallas Reeves. Will Cage have a similar experience?

Cage Cafig @ Twitter

5 thoughts on “Cafe Cafig left Broke Straight Boys for Dallas Reeves (tips @ DK & Oz)

  1. Yeah, it sucks dude–but American capitalism doesn’t discriminate, even in gay porn. People lose/leave their jobs all of the time for similar reasons. There’s always someone younger and cheaper around the corner to replace you….sadly. Hope it works out at DR for him.

  2. One blog quoted him as being upset because BSB wanted him to bottom more and he wanted only to top, bar two scenes. Since then, Kafig also had a stint at another studio in-between BSB and DR/Wankies. But he seems to have overcome the bottoming issue in the DR photoshoot. Maybe he is back because he needs more money to pay speeding tickets. Some other blog had a link to his mug shot when he was done for speeding on a motor bike. Interesting that he keeps returning as G4P to support the family, or whatever. Not sure about the career choices.

  3. He’s already left Dallas Reeves. It doesn’t take long for models to figure out how that places operates and hit the road.

  4. BSB sacked him, as far as I remember. Didn’t he make a big stink because he wanted to keep working with them, but they didn’t want him? Now he’s working for the studio that people go to for five minutes, get bare-backed repeatedly and then leave, never really going into detail why, but intimating all sorts of goings on! This guy only wants to do porn, seemingly only gay, but he can’t seem to get people to work with him…even though he’s willing to do just about anything!

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