Colt of Corbin Fisher gained weight

The latest scene released today by Corbin Fisher had Colt and the new guy recently introduced Camden. It looked like Colt has added some pounds.



A body builder in the making?

This was Colt in his last three scenes prior to the weight gain.






23 thoughts on “Colt of Corbin Fisher gained weight

  1. Yes, it looks like he gained a few pounds … and not necessarily muscle. Not sure why this is fodder though. Seems like baiting twinkie trolls to come in and berate the guy.

  2. I think he looks better that way. My opinion is that a few extra pounds look good on most men. Personally I don’t like very skinny guys, don’t like obese guys either.

  3. Im less interested in how his body looks–it’s fine–but his face looks like he’s doing more than putting on lbs. It looks aged liked he’s been partying a bot too hard on his off days in Vegas.

  4. I also noticed a definite change in Colt’s appearance over the last few videos he has been in. I think this could be a “gaining period” in his muscle development – a lot of body builders do this. Once he gets back to reducing his calorie intake, I expect his body to return to it’s previous “ripped” status with a few extra muscles to show for it! I love Colt, he is a solid performer topping or bottoming and since Cain left CF, Colt is an excellent replacement!

  5. Ah YES,…Colt did put on some poundage,…however,..he still has the most clean-shaven butt-hole @ CF. (Check out his scene with returnee Adam II,..and you’re see what I mean) Super nice, stretchable and polished. LOL!!
    Thanks DENZ for your insightful observation. 🙂 🙂

  6. Fat does not become muscle.
    They are two completely different things.
    What you’re thinking of is “bulking” and “cutting”

  7. Sorry, but blowing up like a balloon in order to gain muscle mass is never a good look. Period! His original look was just fine.

  8. He’s bigger and less cut. Still gloriously hot. Can almost hold his own with some of the really big CF names of the past. Can you image how his skin feels1!!!

  9. If he’s a getting into bodybuilding and this is his bulking period, not sure he’s doing everything right. I’ve seen guys in their bulking stage look way more cut than this.

  10. You CANNOT gain muscle without gaining fat, you can’t gain muscle and cut at the same time. If he is gaining muscle as a goal then he will cut the fat later.

  11. That’s all well and good, but apparently you didn’t get my point.
    Don’t do porn gigs in your bulking phase or whatever. You should NOT be seen looking bloated…you look fat!

  12. Looking at the THEN and NOW photos of Colt, they don’t even look like the same guy. THEN: a beautiful sensual guy. NOW: an ordinary looking guy, nothing special.

  13. Some basic biology is clearly need here.
    Muscle is gained by stressing muscle fibres. Muscle growth occurs from amino acids in the bloodstream when fibres are appropriately stressed and release the relevant hormones into the bloodstream. Various hormones are known to be involved.
    Fat is formed to store excess calories. Excess calories can come from any source, including too much amino acids in the bloodstream. Stressing the muscle fibres in workouts while watching the calorie intake will result in muscle growth without fat increasing. Muscle can easily be gained without fat accumulation if you get it right. That’s how bodybuilders do it.

  14. “Muscle can easily be gained without fat accumulation if you get it right.” No, you’re wrong, this is extremely difficult to do, I know it from lots of experience, and so do my friends and their friends. Guys who are bodybuilders gain muscle without fat by using steroids, that’s what you see on stage. But I assume your biology lesson and the line I quoted from you above is from your own personal experiences?? Colt is a gorgeous guy, great performer, and folks here are whining about imperfections instead of all the good stuff…kind of ridiculous.

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