7 thoughts on “3 names for one guy for one porn site – James Diesel aka James Shields aka Jason Maddox

  1. He is also names James SHIELD at ND in a threesome with Tex Ranger (aka Maxwell at CM). He played every time with Tex in his 3 previously scenes at ND and “Cell Reception” was so hot with James=Jason and Tex being so much into one another than some ND members asked if they were boyfriends in the real life. Which would have been interesting bc Tex=Maxwell began as straight as can be at CM.

  2. Thanks Steve
    I was so sure he was Mike Richards on F4f. His profile was deleted there so could not compare specs but I did have a private session with him on F4F, had no clue he was doing porn but have to say hes was a very nice guy in my session on F4F

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