New guy Mishka Voxx and the use of the word faggot as a joke

Mishka Voxx [twitter] did start twitter in 2012 and stopped on the same year. Just got back on twitter this year, with more tattoos.

Thennow_mishka_voxx_01 Thennow_mishka_voxx_02
(left) goofing around in 2012 (right) recent selfie

The latest scene [gallery] of Mishka Voxx was just released by Bait Buddies, where he fucked Matt Watson and wore a condom.

Withwithoutcondoms_mishka_voxx_01 Withwithoutcondoms_mishka_voxx_02 

And 24 hours ago, he tweeted he just worked for Dallas Reeves, a possible bareback scene? Its sister site, Wank This, released a solo scene [gallery] of him a few days ago.


Hours ago, Mishka was in an argument with a porn fan over the use of the word faggot in 2012.


30 thoughts on “New guy Mishka Voxx and the use of the word faggot as a joke

  1. ugh I hate this mentality that faggot is the new N word.
    I’m white so I don’t relate to that on any level. If you want to use the word as a joke go right ahead. I think the term is immature but it isn’t a stoning offense for someone to use it.
    You know black people have a right to be annoyed when we say the N word because of its history. But it annoys me when my fellow gay white people act like they can apply that same standard to the word faggot. It’s presumptuous to act like it’s the same level of social taboo. I can see why straight people get annoyed…we’re just too sensitive. Straight guys bust each other balls and use the word faggot to mock each other…big fucking deal.

  2. Oh you’re so right. Gays are far too sensitive about hate speech. How wonderfully tolerant, progressive, and open-minded of you. Thank you for schooling all us silly, silly gays.
    LGBT youth aren’t tormented and called “faggot” on a daily basis, to the point where they want to blow out their brains. “Faggot” isn’t used to dehumanize, degrade, and emasculate people on a daily basis. Silly gays are just being waaaaaay toooooooo sssssssensitive. (Since you can’t read it that way, I made sure to use an extra lisp in sensitive.) Gays have not faced enough systematic oppression around the world to make such a big deal out of bigotry.
    You are so right.
    Gays just need to get over themselves. We should all take a clue from this gay-for-pay porn star who is top notch when it comes to identity politics and civility.
    The rest of us are just being stupid, stupid faggots.
    Worthless we all are.

  3. He was also apparently a Romney supporter so suffice it to say he’s not TOO concerned with gay rights…so him being flippant about “faggot” really isn’t too surprising.
    Maybe he has a binder full of faggots somewhere.
    Yep, that binder joke still has legs. Glad I got to dust that one off again.

  4. Someimes I’m amazed at the ignorance that some gays have…MAYBE I’M LOOKING FOR SIGNS OF ENLIGHTENMENT IN THE WRONG FORUM AHHAHAAHH….FAGGOT and FAG have been used to denigrate gays for decades; possibly centuries LOL…Matthew Sheppard was called Faggot as they bashed his head in and MILLIONS MORE have met the same fate while being called FAG…it is NOT a term of endearment…I’m BLACK AND GAY….IT ANNOYS THE FUCK out of me to hear EITHER! WHY…bc it’s word/term that is meant to degrade another person…to dehumanize them into a person who is no longer deserving of empathy or love. Using the N word as an AA, in my opinion, bascially means you have adopted/assimulated “the slave owners” term into your own psychological perception of who YOU ARE. Likewise…using/tolerating FAG/FAGGOT means that you have adopted the HATER’s language into your psycholgical perception of yourself. Someone who is [insert all the antigay rhetoric you can conjur into this space]. The problem is that it’s sometimes HARD to change when it’s so socially pervasive…because often people USE a term without REALLY DIGGING INTO IT’s MEANING….it’s used so frequently it sometimes losses some of it’s impact?. If you toss around those words I’m pretty sure you don’t immediately think of Matthew Shepard..but YOU SHOULD! Those words are designed to make YOU as INHUMANE as possible…as unwworthy as possible…as unempatheic as possible….to the point that YOU can become another Matthew Shepard! It IS harmful…especially over the long term. If you think a young gay child who hears “FAGGOT/FAG” constantly as a derogatory term is NOT affected..YOU’RE STUPID!..OR IN DENIAL!. Young kids most often internalize the shame that eminates from those words! MY GOD!…EVOLVE! stop dragging your knuckles across the kitchen floor lol. There are some terms that we all used in our past that are no longer socially accepeted. I’m not comparing the historical/social implicaion of the N word and the F word but BOTH have been used in a simular manner to degrade another person…in such a manner to make them unworthy of human dignity. I don’t want to oversate this but at the CORE of this argument is wheaher YOU FEEL YOU ARE UNWORTHY!
    AND [Glad this soapbox wasn’t too high] Although I agree that taking these porn actors as enlightened individuals is perhaps at best ironic lol/hahah.
    ps..I’m not really uptight..although the above rant makes me seem so haahah

  5. The problem is that for some people exposure to oppression becomes sexualized to the point where it actually turns them on. That’s the problem with a lot of these guys who love/defend gay-for-pay so much. Homophobia actually turns them on. They are aroused by being dehumanized and they are aroused by men who look at them as if they are inferior.
    Who knows why this is the case but it is. Arguing with them is pointless because their arousal blinds them to how pathological they are. I guess in a sense, they literally can’t help it. Then again, that’s no excuse. That’s like saying that a pedophile can’t help their arousal.
    People like gnormie are ALWAYS going to minimize things like straight men using the word “faggot” because it falls in line with his sexual proclivities. Same reason they believe men who have sex with other men are “straight.”
    Not only will they defend a straight man using the word “faggot” but they probably WANT a straight man to call THEM one in a sexual situation.
    It’s fucking sick..but we’re never going to argue them out of it.

  6. I’ll be honest, “faggot” doesn’t really bother me…maybe because if a dish that’s somewhere between pork and offal in gravy in the UK, but it isn’t right for a straight man to use it. He thinks he being clever and that’s peer pressure…people around him probably use it and have desensitized it. Even though he’s doing gay porn, his circle of friends is probably entirely straight and I’d guess some are aggressively homophobic. He may or may not be, because he didn’t get nasty when challenged, but he should think about what he says, especially on social media.

  7. Never. Going. To. Happen.
    Gay porn for straight guys is a cash-cow…they don’t seem to mind doing more with other guys than most openly gay guys do. It doesn’t seem to matter to them at all, just the money does.
    It’s pretty unpleasant, but they do usually put on a good show, which is the whole point of porn.

  8. Because they’re still PEOPLE, not fantasy characters or cartoons, like WTF??? By your logic porn actors could start tweeting about committing suicide and we shouldn’t take it seriously right? -___-

  9. Unfortunately too many gays have a distorted obsession with straight men for whatever reason and it won’t be going away anytime soon. There are some good G4P performers (a small number) so I don’t mind a few of them being in gay porn as long as they perform well and have some respect.
    I just wish the majority of the industry didn’t pander so much to these shitty “straight” guys in GAY porn and act like they should be worshiped and admired. UGHH
    It’s because of that mentality we have horrible porn stars like James Huntsman and even Johnny Rapid who refuse to do certain acts whether it be kissing or rimming or whatever. The actual fucking nerve of these bastards.
    And of course the stupid directors just give in and therefore continue the circle of mediocrity in gay porn.

  10. Mishka Voxx (what a terrible shitty name first of all) is one of those ignorant guys who thinks he’s being progressive or something when in fact he is far from that.

  11. And so does this ‘adam’ should chase every single heteros who tweet ‘fags’ or whatever he thinks is offensive to HIM. It’s also a double standard when he says in there that it is different because it was coming from a hetero, so does this mean if a homo called someone or used the word ‘fag’, it is okay?
    I just don’t give a damn on this shit, especially when this person ‘adam’ is not even called ‘fag’ nor the person who was referred to ‘fag’ did not react negatively.

  12. I’m black and I don’t even want other black people calling me a “nigger”. It’s offensive out of anyone’s mouth. Same goes for if you’re using the one that ends in “-er” or ends with an “-a”. I’ve always hated faggot. Always have and always will.

  13. Quelle suprise, a non-minority using a bigoted epithet doesn’t think it’s a big deal. I’m oh so shocked. Wont be spending my pink dollars on anything of his. I do appreciate the heads up, I’d have to have spent the money and then found out later.

  14. Who cares what he says or if he’s straight or not. He’s so butt ugly (bordering on repulsive), why would anyone be interested what he has to say in any gay forum. His opinion on anything is about the same value as his intelligence/integrity. (i.e. the lack of it)

  15. If you check out his Facebook, he is also a big fan of calling his friends “niggas.”
    Must be a generational thing.
    That doesn’t excuse it nor is it a defense of it, but that’s the only thing I can assume.

  16. A faggot is traditionally made from pig’s heart, liver and fatty belly meat or bacon minced together, with herbs added for flavouring and sometimes bread crumbs. — yum

  17. People, people, people. Obviously this Mishka has no clue what reality is or never knows what he’s talking about. For God’s sake he called Dallas Reeves a great producer! He’s clearly delusional and has no idea what he’s talking about! lol

  18. Mishka apologized for it, what more do you some of you want? Burn him at the stake perhaps? He acknowledged it was insensitive and apologized to those whom he offended.. Some of you forget what it is to be young and do and say things without thinking of the consequences.. IF Mishka didn’t address it and continued to use the word “faggot”AND offered no apology then there would be something to talk about. However this cunt Adam Mcquade who couldn’t or wouldn’t accept his apology and just kept ranting on and on about it is another thing all together. Wait! I also just described about 80-90% of you commenting on here.

  19. Actually you are right.. “Niggas” is a term that is used often by young people but as a term of endearment not a racist insult. Even the term”fag” is losing it’s shock value among young people. Yes it is still a term is loathed by gay people when they hear it and it brings out a lot of emotion, but you can’t deny that young people use terms and names without thinking of the consequences, not all but some. I say if Mishka was genuine and apologized and said he isn’t homophobic, then accept his apology and move on.. The amount of pearl clutching and rabid hysteria exhibited by some, I’m talking to you PhotoWerner/genesis157/Sex your comments were over the top hysterical reactions considering the context and that there was an apology offered. Of course not one of you bothered to mention that apology. Hmmm… I wonder why?

  20. Not neccessarily so…JUST BC someone “apologized” in the “moment” doesn’t mean it’s sincere. Maybe it is or maybe he just didn’t want to come off looking like an asshole to prospective studios. To think this misinformed actor has done a complete 180, even in his personal life is rediculously naive on YOUR END. If he is ignorant to use the N words to describe his friends online I’m pretty sure he’s not done with the F word. In fact the MORE comments hears that correct his ignorance is all the BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps it ill eventually sink in!!!.

  21. And actually Mishka repeatedly stated he didn’t understand why it was offensive. THAT is the problem. There was no real apology or insight into the problem, it was “well I’m sorry it offended you.” That’s not the same thing as acknowledging and understanding the nature of the underlying offense. Was his response better than Vadim’s? Sure. But it still was a non-apology.
    People are allowed to be as offended as they want. You are offended by the level of how much we are offended. You went on two different rants. Yet somehow you see your passion and behavior as somehow different when in fact it isn’t. You are complaining about complaining, which is still complaining.

  22. We aren’t obligated to accept people flippantly using “faggot” or “niggas” or anything of the sort. We aren’t obligated to find it appropriate or acceptable. We aren’t obligated to react how you believe we should react.
    Mishka didn’t offer a genuine apology. He essentially said “sorry you’re offended but there was nothing wrong with it.”
    You can present the reactions of others in whatever light you wish, but your reactions to us come across just as snarky and hysterical and over the top. If you’re going to defend someone’s use of hate speech, more power to you. Some of us aren’t going to defend someone’s use of hate speech.
    That’s really not going to change.

  23. Mishka explained his use of the word, and instead of educating him or describing his feelings for the word, Adam McQuade just attacked him. I don’t see that as productive. But after checking out McQuade’s profile he doesn’t seem like a troll. He posts a LOT of cute animal pictures which is kind of endearing. I think it just goes back to how a derogatory term is used and defined by your community and social circle. I grew up in a kind of liberal place and i know this sounds strange but derogatory terms were used as a joke and never ever used as verbal weapon. I never witnessed a bully call another kid a faggot to insult them or nigger to insult a black person, or chink/wetback etc. Since it is used sarcastically and without any harmful intention, they never really had the power to hurt. They’re still considered inappropriate and i wouldn’t use them with just anyone. You have to develop a sense of friendship and common sense of humor to be liberal with your speech like that. If you grow up with the term being used to hurt you, then you are going to be sensitive to it’s use, and that’s where McQuade is probably coming from. I think both of them are guilty of not understanding how people can grow up with a different understanding of a word. Voxx meant it playfully, but used it in a public forum which he shouldn’t have done. McQuade was insulted, rightfully, but was unable to accept the idea that Voxx mean no ill will.

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