Noah Riley at Chaos Men is also Elder Riley at Mormon Boyz (tip @ Bo)

Noah Riley was introduced by Chaos Men this month and his serviced video with Glenn was released a few days ago.

Noah_riley_aka_elder_riley_01 Noah_riley_aka_elder_riley_02 

If you can't wait and want to watch him in bareback action, he is also Elder Riley at Mormon Boyz, where 6 scenes of him have been listed.


11 thoughts on “Noah Riley at Chaos Men is also Elder Riley at Mormon Boyz (tip @ Bo)

  1. I’ve been loving Elder Riley on MB and only just tuned in to CM last night and noticed the striking resemblance to Noah Riley before I realized they were the same person. He definitely seems a bit more “beefy” on CM than MB, and he sports a couple of tattoos on CM that are missing on MB. Are the MB scenes older? The ones on CM were done this past July. (He’s still very much current on MB.)

  2. Regarding Mormon boys – it used to be a great site with older guys fucking younger guys, but now they have shifted to twink on twink action it completely lost my attention.

  3. The latest one has both Noal and Jake Tipton (aka Elder Buckley) being fucked and fed loads by plenty of older guys, it’s one of the hottest scenes ever on the site and the fact that they continued to use Noah and Jake in scenes together leads me to believe they are either buddies or fuck buddies, especially since Jake also went to Chaos.

  4. anyone knows the name of the actor: angus bishop? Could it be that we have not done as well as these other videos of Mormon

  5. I think the thought of fucking Mormons is hotter than the website. Hot men, but poor direction and lukewarm sex at the best.

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