Payne of SCM is now a professional model

Payne of Straight College Men did not only do a solo but also a 4 way gangbang.


He is now a professional model and was part of the latest True Religion ad campaign.

Payne_straightcollegemen_01 Payne_straightcollegemen_01b 
Payne_straightcollegemen_03 Payne_straightcollegemen_04 
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8 thoughts on “Payne of SCM is now a professional model

  1. He’s attractive enough, but he doesn’t quite do it for me. He also doesn’t “fill out” those pants. He has a sloppy/saggy bottom.

  2. He’s very good looking, but always has a softie dick on the video. Somehow I do miss him in porn.

  3. Yeah….total limp dick but man was he ever hot!
    DENZ….that first frontal beauty shot of his….it links to 2SCM. CAn you fix the link…I’d love to save the image (quite erotic and satisfying for anyone’s spank bank).

  4. Wow, I walked in a show with him once and didn’t know about his porn past. He was super nice, but a bit of a weird dude. He photographs ridiculously well, but it doesn’t come over the same in person.

  5. Good for him. I still think i have his 4 way gang bang and another video in my archive. I found him VERY good looking in his SCM which is probably why i kept his videos. Damn he looks amazing now. I wish him luck.

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